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Dame Rosie Horton: Beautiful inside and out

In our series ‘Beautiful inside and out’, Dame Rosie Horton shares what makes her feel beautiful.

By Kelly Bertrand
On the surface, they're all different – a cross-section of sensational women of varying ages, backgrounds and ethnicities. They are all stunning, that's for certain, but their beauty is not the sole reason the Weekly has gathered together Jude Dobson, Samantha Hayes, Dame Rosie Horton, Miriama Kamo and Sophie Pascoe. The reason is more than skin-deep – they're here because these five incredible women are making a tangible difference in the lives of others.
Some are just beginning to dip their toes in the water, while others have made charity their life's work – each taking a stand in her own way, and proving that their beauty does indeed come from within. In our series "Beautiful inside and out", we chat with these five gorgeous Kiwi women about what inspires them. Here, philanthropist, patron and ambassador Dame Rosie Horton shares what makes her feel beautiful.
What causes do you stand for?
I am now the patron or ambassador for a number of charities and I also do a huge amount of mentoring.
Do you have any personal connection to your charities?
Yes I do, for instance to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. My mother died of breast cancer at a young age. Also, I knew a baby with a congenital heart condition who could not be saved. I wanted to make sure that all children had world-class medical opportunities – hence my work with The Starship Foundation.
To you, what makes a person beautiful?
Someone who is positive, energetic, empathetic and engages with everyone without favour or judgment.
When do you feel at your most beautiful?
When I see happy families and beautiful babies my heart melts. I also love the arts and
I am taken to another place whenever I am at the ballet, opera, orchestra or theatre.
What do you value the most in the world?
My husband, my family and good, loyal friends.
What makes you hopping mad?
Something that really offends me is able-bodied people parking in disabled car parks. So selfish!
What inspires you?
My Aboriginal art collection at my home in Australia. Also, anyone who goes the extra mile for others.
What do you think the world needs more of?
Tolerance, compassion and respect.

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