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Coro star Kym Marsh opens up about the personal storyline she almost couldn't take

WARNING: This article contains spoilers some fans may wish to avoid.

Coronation Street
For fans of actress Kym Marsh, they’ll be well aware of the tragic loss she suffered back in 2009 – when her son Archie died minutes after being born.
So when Coro bosses announced they wanted her character to go through a similar storyline, Kym had a lot to consider.
An intensely personal topic, Kym previously told UK paper The Sun that she debated whether or not to go through with the story, but eventually went with her gut instinct - because she wanted to honour her late son.
This week the 40-year-old actress, who has three other children, has told journalists about filming those very sensitive scenes.
On the red carpet of the National Television Awards this week, Kym told Closer: “I saw the scenes before they went out.
The actress posted this thank you to her Twitter on January 1
“My older two children David and Emily went through everything the same as I did so it was good that they got to see everything beforehand too.
“We felt very well looked after. It was incredibly well done, the director was amazing - Tony Prescott is legendary - and the crew were unbelievably amazing. They were so sensitive, you could hear a pin drop at all times. Normally on set we have a bit of a laugh, a bit of banter, but they were just so great."
Kym, who has acted on Coronation Street for the past ten years, was also pleased she could add to the process due to her own experience.
The star was adamant the soap never used the phrase “late term miscarriage” in their storyline, as this is something that upset her during her own tragedy.
“That was one of the things that really annoyed and angered me because I had just given birth to a baby,” Kym told The Sun.
“I didn’t miscarry my baby, I gave birth to him. Why is there no birth certificate? What? Because he didn’t survive? What is that? When I am not here anymore, nobody will know that my baby existed.
“That is the thing that upsets a lot of women, that thing that they can’t have a birth certificate."
Meanwhile, Kym’s co-star and on screen husband Simon Gregson admitted his own tragic connection to the storyline – telling Twitter followers that his wife and him have lost 11 babies over the course of their relationship.