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Claudia Hoskins reveals behind-the-scenes secrets from 'The Bachelor' in new blog

The former Bachelorette is telling all about her time in the mansion.

Former Bachelorette Claudia Hoskins, who made it to the final three on this year's season of The Bachelor New Zealand, has shared a revealing look at her emotional journey throughout the course of the show and the surprising secrets that never made it to air.
In a post shared on her personal blog, the 21-year-old Aucklander shared several excerpts from the journal she wrote in while on the show.
Among other things, Claudia wrote that Tim Tams were banned from the mansion "because some girls are putting on weight".
"Sad day in the life of a Bachelorette," she wrote in one of the pages of her journal.
Watch: Claudia talks about her exit from The Bachelor NZ. Story continues after the video.
The blonde beauty also shared her thoughts from the night she was sent home, after a tearful goodbye from star Zac Franich.
"I can't say much else besides I am heartbroken and I didn't expect it," her journal entry from that night reads.
"I'm sad, confused and angry... I haven't felt this hurt in a long time.
"This is all just so crazy, this whole experience has been nuts and I hate how it's ended. But I will be okay. I don't know what else to say but I know I am strong, I am brave and only good things can happen from here," she continued.

In other excerpts posted from her journal, the Bachelorette told how devastated she was after a mishap with hair dye caused a large chunk of her hair to fall out, and her continuing battle to keep her figure camera-ready despite the food on offer during the course of the show.
Overall, however, Claudia wrote that she was "so grateful for the experience".
"It really did teach me so much about myself and made me that little bit stronger."