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The Breeze host Robert Scott on what he loves most about Christmas

The radio host has Christmas all wrapped up!

By Marilynn McLachlan
Admitting it may sound a bit of a cliché, family is what Robert Scott loves most about Christmas. But this year, things are going to be a little bit quieter because his daughter Molly, 22, is working in a creative agency in London where "she's having a great time and loves the culture".
And so, along with his wife Carmel and son Sam, 26, they'll head to Carmel's parents' home in North Auckland's Millwater for a couple of days.
"They're great people, great hosts and my father-in-law loves a glass of red wine," Robert says of Jan and Maurice Murphy. "This year, we're planning a nice big steak on the barbecue. We've scaled things back because normally it's a busier household, but I'm really looking forward to that."
The excitement was electric when young Robert was gifted a guitar.
It's not just family that Robert loves about the season. Unsurprisingly, The Breeze presenter, who this year won the Best Network Music Host at the New Zealand Radio Awards, also loves the music.
"We're the Christmas station!" he laughs. "I would start playing Snoopy's Christmas by the beginning of November if I could have my way."
Robert is looking forward to a slightly quieter Christmas celebration this year.
Robert, who was born in England and moved to New Zealand when he was eight, says the Christmas when he was 14 was life-changing. It was then that his parents gifted him an electric guitar and amplifier. It began his passion for music – until recently, he was in the group Shane Cortese & the 8-track Band, but had to give it up because it was getting too busy. "They do miss me, which is very complimentary. I've always been very average," he deadpans.
While Molly and Sam, who works at Air New Zealand, are now older, Robert, 57, will always cherish the photographs of their family decorating a real Christmas tree with a fairy on top as they listened to a Michael Bublé vinyl record. Smiling, he reflects, "We have so many great memories to look back on."

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