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Chris Pratt reveals the secret to his happy marriage

The action hero and funny man talks about his relationship with wife Anna Faris and his adorable son Jack

Speaking to E! News today, Chris, 35, revealed it is the many similarities between him and his wife that help their relationship thrive.
The two actors both grew up in the same area - just 20 minutes from each other, in fact - and both made their feature film debuts in horror/comedy movies: Anna in Scary Movie and Chris in Cursed Part 3.
"There are many, many similarities to our lives. It's one of those things that makes you realise things are meant to be and they're working out the way they're supposed to," Chris told E!.
Of course, funny man Chris (who plays fan-favourite Andy on the comedy show Parks and Rec) couldn't resist adding in a dig at himself.
"A lot of times if you date somebody or are married to somebody that's really similar to yourself, it doesn't work, but for us it does work because we both happen to be completely in love with ourselves," he joked.
"When I look into her eyes and see my own, it just makes me love her even more."
Chris shared this adorable picture of his son Jack on Twitter
Chris, 35, has been married to What's Your Number star Anna, 37, since 2009. The two have a super-cute two year old son together, and Chris clearly adores his gorgeous family.
Chris proudly describes his son as "the man", and it looks like Jack may be following in his parents' footsteps!
"He's really funny," Chris gushed.
"He's just now getting to that point where he loves an audience and I think he's got no choice but to be a performer."

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