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Celebs you didn’t know were related

Who knew these stars were part of the same family tree?
Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber

It’s hard to believe, but some of your favourite celebrities could be part of the same family tree!

From Justin Bieber to the Duchess of Cambridge, we’re taking a look at some surprising star connections.

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Luke and Owen Wilson

These famous brothers have acted together on screen a fair few times, so it is strange more people don’t know! The Wilson boys are favourites of The Royal Tenenbaums director Wes Anderson.

Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber

Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber

These dashing Canadians are 11th cousins once removed through a common relative in Quebec around 400 years ago. Can this be a lead to discover the gene for being a heart-throb?

Ryan was also a member of Justin Timberlake’s family when they were on Mickey Mouse Club as youngsters when Timberlake’s mother took Ryan in and became his legal guardian for six months after his own mother had to move back to Canada for legal reasons.

Justin Bieber and Avril Lavigne

Through another old Quebec relative, Avril and Biebs are 12th cousins. This has to confirm that being a teenage icon is genetic, right?

Jenny and Melissa McCarthy

Though these two are second cousins with a little bit of facial resemblance to prove it, these girls couldn’t get much more different. Jenny is a former Playboy model and an anti-vaccination advocate. Melissa is an academy award nominated actress who appeared in Gilmore Girls and Bridesmaids

Emma and Julia Roberts

Spot the difference! This one might not surprise you considering these two share identical smiles. Julia is Emma’s aunt through Emma’s father Eric Roberts, who appeared in The Dark Knight as well as the music video for The Killers track ‘Mr. Brightside’.

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Emma Roberts used to visit her auntie Julia Roberts on set

Lily Allen and Alfie Allen

Yep, Lily Allen the singer and Alfie Allen who plays Theon in Game of Thrones are brother and sister. She even wrote a song about him entitled ‘Alfie’.

Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson

Acting talent seems to run in this family! Screen legend Melanie Griffith’s daughter Dakota Johnson is following in her actress mum’s footsteps. This mother-daughter duo is often seen hanging out with Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson!

Gavin Rossdale and Daisy Lowe

Gavin Rossdale is famously the ex-husband of Gwen Stefani, with whom he has three children (Kingston, Zuma and Apollo). Lesser known is that he is the father of English socialite and model Daisy Lowe .

Kate Middleton and pretty much everyone

More than one star can lay claim to being a relation (however distant) of the Duchess of Cambridge. Film director Guy Ritchie reportedly discovered that he is the Duchess’ 6th cousin, Ellen Degeneres is her 14th and sisters Elle and Dakota Fanning are her 21st cousins through England’s King Edward III.

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Ellen is related to Kate Middleton

Nicolas Cage, Sofia Coppola and Francis Ford Coppola

If the family talent for showbiz wasn’t the big giveaway, Nicolas’ real name is Nicolas Kim Coppola. The National Treasure star is the cousin of Sofia Coppola, daughter of Hollywood royalty Francis Ford Coppola, legendary director of such films as The Godfather. Also in the family is their cousin, actor Jason Schwartzman, who Sofia directed in Marie Antoinette.

Oliver and Kate Hudson

Yep, that’s the dad from Scream Queens. Turns out rom-com queen Kate Hudson isn’t the only one in her family who got bitten by the acting bug. Nashville star Oliver, as well as their mum Goldie Hawn and her partner Kurt Russell, are all fellow actors.

Phil Collins and Lily Collins

An old favourite of dads everywhere, musician Phil Collins is the father of Love, Rosie star Lily Collins. Lily has said she is thankful for having a famous parent, so she could decide whether or not she wanted to be famous herself with full knowledge of all the good and the bad.

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid

Everyone other than Gigi seems confused as to how the model BFFs are related. Essentially, Gigi’s mum Yolanda is married to David Foster, who used to be married to Linda Jenner – Caitlyn Jenner’s second-wife (before Caitlyn – who was then still known as Bruce – married Kendall’s mum Kris). Gigi describes this relationship as ex-step sisters – watch her explain in the next video.

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Gigi Hadid explains how she is related to Kendall Jenner

Ray J and Snoop Dogg

So this one is a little odd. Snoop Dogg is first cousins with Ray J, the singer who made the infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian, and his sister, fellow singer Brandy.

Steven Spielberg and Drew Barrymore

It can’t hurt Drew’s life-long acting career that her godfather is Steven Spielberg! He helped her land her breakout role in E.T. in 1982.

Sarah Palin and Halle Berry

“You wanna know who I’m related to? Sarah Palin… in some twisted way… somebody sent me this information that she was my distant [something]…” Halle revealed in 2012. The Oscar-winning actress seems a little perplexed to be related to the former Governor of Alaska.

Zooey and Emily Deschanel

Seeing them side by side it is obvious, especially with a last name that unusual – the New Girl star and Bones star are sisters!

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Emily Deschanel loved to torture Zooey Deschanel when they were little

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