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Calvin Harris thinks it's 'laughable' that Taylor Swift met Tom Hiddleston's parents

The Scottish DJ and producer is reportedly taken aback at how fast his ex-girlfriend's new relationship is moving

Calvin Harris has remained mostly tight-lipped about his ex-girlfriend's hot new romance with Tom Hiddleston in public, but privately, it seems the music producer and DJ has some strong words for his former flame.
According to TMZ, Tay’s DJ ex reportedly said he finds it “laughable” that the pop star jumped on a plane to England to meet Tom’s parents over the weekend.
Especially because she never even met his parents during the entire 15 months the pair were together!
According to sources who spoke to the publication, Scotland-born Calvin had always been super keen for Taylor to meet his family and spend time with his mum.
Tom took Taylor on a beach stroll with his family over the weekend, in their hometown of Suffolk.
But Taylor kept saying that they were just too far away.
Apparently where Tom is concerned though, that problem has seemingly disappeared.
And it seems Taylor isn't shy about piling on the PDA with her new man either. See the video below! Post continues.
Tom took Taylor home to meet the folks just WEEKS after they started dating.
Calvin is said to be “bewildered and astonished” that his 26-year-old ex of only a few weeks and her 35-year-old new man are already at the “meet the parents” stage.
The sassy songstress and her potential James Bond boyfriend were seen strolling along a beach in Suffolk with the actor’s mum, before continuing on their whirlwind getaway together with a trip to Rome.
Taylor always said Calvin's Scottish parents were too far away to visit.
That's not the only bad news the actor's had to face in the weeks following their breakup. Yesterday, he got into car trouble after being hounded by paparazzi about the current state of his love life.
The 32-year-old was attempting to manoeuvre his SUV through the crowd of photographers waiting for him outside a Beverly Hills gym. In his hurry to leave, he appeared to forget that his rear door was still open and it hit a nearby cement wall hard.
Later, Calvin took to Twitter to address the incident, writing: "I got mad as hell at a paparazzi today, I'm sorry, you did make me back into a wall but I know you're just doing your job and I apologise."
Watch the scary moment in the video player below
This story originally appeared on Woman's Day Australia

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