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Calvin Harris breaks his silence on Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

The Scottish DJ and music producer says things are “all good” between him and his famous ex – despite the pair both deleting all traces of their relationship from social media

Taylor Swift’s shock new romance with British actor Tom Hiddleston hasn’t gone unnoticed by her ex, Calvin Harris, but he insists there’s no bad blood between them.
TMZ caught the actor as he was on his way to the gym in Los Angeles. In response to the paparazzi shouting, “Calvin, any comment on Taylor and Tom?” he only had this to say: “It’s all good, she’s doing her thing, she’s doing her thing dude.”
Tellingly, however, both Taylor and Calvin have now deleted all photos of each other from their social media accounts, including the romantic anniversary snaps from their beach getaway in March.
Watch Taylor and Tom dancing together at the Met Gala last month - story continues after the video
As if that wasn’t enough, Calvin has also deleted his original tweet announcing his breakup with the ‘Shake it Off’ singer, in which he claimed the pair had “a huge amount of love and respect” for each other. He is no longer following Taylor on Twitter and reportedly blocked several of her fans as well.
Taylor and Tom – who was previously linked to his fellow Avengers star Elizabeth Olsen and 2 Broke Girls actress Kat Dennings – first made headlines back in May when they were filmed dancing together at a Met Gala after party.
However, photos have also emerged of the pair leaving Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s house after a pre-Met Gala dinner the night before the event.
Tom can be seen chatting to actor Idris Elba while Taylor heads out of the door just a few steps behind them.
Tom talks to Idria Elba as the pair leave Anna Wintour's home the night before the Met Gala. Taylor (circled) can be seen a few steps behind them. Photo: Getty
In an interview with MTV, Tom, 35, lavished praise on the pop star, describing her as “very charming”.
“She is amazing – I’ve seen a couple of her videos,” he told the media outlet.
"I think 'Shake It Off' was released around the time we made [his film] I Saw The Light and she's very cool, yeah."
Taylor and Calvin officially announced their breakup two weeks ago, after having dated for 15 months.

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