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Burns victim Turia Pitt on how to 're-frame' your life

The 29-year-old, who suffered horrific burns during a 2011 bushfire, on re-thinking your situation.

Turia Pitt has long been one of the women we most admire.
After being horrifically burned in a bush fire during an ultra marathon, the tough Australian has refused to let negativity hold her back – becoming a motivational speaker, author and competing in IronWoman.
Turia suffered 64 per cent burns when she was caught in the fire back in 2011. She has had more than 200 operations, and this year will need five or four more to help her in her recovery.
So how does someone like this, who has faced more adversity than most of us will ever see, maintain her positive, driven persona?
Re-framing is the answer. Read it, memorise it – it’s going to become your new mantra.

“Re-framing is simply looking at your challenges, goals and life in a different way,” Pitt wrote on her blog this Thursday.
“No one looks forward to surgery and, even after having over 200 operations, it’s still no walk in the park for me.
“Instead of feeling frustrated, scared or overwhelmed, I choose to look at my surgeries as a good thing,” she continued.
“I get to catch up with all the medical staff who have worked with me over the years, it’s forced time out, I get to eat ice cream and watch movies and most importantly, the benefits of having the surgery will far outweigh a few weeks of discomfort.”

Re-framing isn’t always easy, but Turia gives her readers three bullet points to help them achieve it:
1.) Get conscious: During this stage, Turia says it’s important to take note of the negative comments happening in your own head. Acknowledging them is the first thing.
2.) Question the thinking: The second stage is to question that negative thought. Is it logical? Is there another way to interpret the situation you’re in?
3.) Make a choice: Finally it’s time to choose how you’re going to see your situation. Because it is a choice. “Choose to let go of the negative thoughts and replace them with more positive ones,” says Turia.
“You can look at things in the worst way or you can look at them in the best way. And I want to be clear, not re-framing a situation is making a choice. You're choosing to stick with the status quo, even if it's not doing you any favours.”
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