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Beyonce is being sued over Lemonade trailer

The pop superstar is hitting headlines again for her Lemonade trailer!

She was enjoying the sweet taste of success with Lemonade but things are about to get a whole lot more bitter!

Beyonce has been hit with a lawsuit by independent filmmaker Matthew Fulks for allegedly copying visuals that were featured in the trailer for her HBO special.

Fulks, who writes and directs adverts for a Louisville , Kenucky based news station, claims the trailer for Lemonade has a number of similarities to his movie Palinoia, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The copyright complaint filed against Beyonce and her Parkwood Entertainment company, Sony Music and Columbia Recording, focuses on 39 seconds of Bey’s one minute trailer – where nine visuals were allegedly copied.

So what was the leak?

Fulks claims he was approached by someone working for Beyonce’s Columbia music label in 2015 for a possible work opportunity and a link to Palinoia was reportedly sent.

Fulks is seeking a share of profits from the album as compensation for the “exploitation” of his work.

The promo in question aired in April before the release of her album.

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