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Ben Affleck blames Jennifer Lopez split for career woes

Even years later, it seems the 'Bennifer' debacle is still a sore point for the Batman v Superman actor

Ben Affleck's unusually candid rant on Bill Simmon's talk show already gained plenty of attention last week, but now the actor is under the spotlight again for his comments about his notorious split from Jennifer Lopez.
During his appearance on the show, the 43-year-old actor and director seemed to hint that his high-profile relationship and breakup from JLo was partly to blame for his professional stumbles over the years that followed.
Watch Ben Affleck recalling his breakup with Jennifer Lopez in the video below - story continues after the video
Speaking about the lowest point of his career, Ben said, "If you went by what people said … I wasn't cool and I wasn't talented, and I was, like, the lowest rung of cool and talented that you could possibly be in the public consciousness at that time."
"I had broken up with Jennifer Lopez and I had, like, three or four movies in a row that had bombed."
Those films included Gigli, Jersey Girl and Surviving Christmas.
As we know, Ben's career came back in a big way and he went on to direct box office hits such as Gone Baby Gone and The Town, ultimately winning an Oscar for his work in Argo.
Is Ben spiraling out of control? Watch his profanity-filled rant here. Post continues below.
But the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor acknowledges he didn't achieve all that on his own.
"My wife was really instrumental and helpful in me doing a lot of that work because I was just so focused [on it] and it was harder to balance family and all that," Ben said of Jennifer Garner.
Ben and his wife of 10 years are going through a somewhat nasty divorce, with sources recently revealing the actor had called an intense meeting to discuss how their rocky relationship was being portrayed in the press.
Meanwhile, the mother-of-three seems unaffected by the reports surrounding her split.
She looked in high spirits as she was spotted chatting to friends outside an LA church on Sunday.
This story originally appeared on Woman's Day Australia.
While Ben appears to be struggling with the split, Jen has never looked better!

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