Bachelor bromance: Will Hall & Jordan Mauger's bloke crush

The star pair take a trip down memory lane

It’s hard to get a word in edgeways when actor besties Jordan Mauger and Will Hall get together, but one sure way to get them to stop talking is by asking the two movie buffs to pick the greatest film of all time. “We can’t answer that,” says Will. His Westside co-star Jordan agrees, adding, “I’d rather get shot.”
What you can ask, Woman’s Day learns, is for their most memorable movie. The answer is unanimous – Back to the Future. “Well, first off, cars are cool,” declares Will, 36. “Then you’ve got a car going back in time and kids love that stuff.”
But there’s another reason the time-travelling flick and its sequels hold a special place in their hearts. A proud owner of one of the DeLoreans made famous in the films, The Bachelor New Zealand star Jordan, 32, tells, “I remember when my father showed me Back to the Future when I was younger, and it kicked off my love for film-making and that type of storytelling.”
In fact, it’s their love of all things movies that sparked this Cantabrian bromance back when the pair first met six years ago, although they had many chances to bump into each other before then.
The tight-knit twosome both studied at St Andrews College in Christchurch, but as the lads were four years apart, they didn’t have much to do with one another. Later, Will and Jordan both worked as extras on the set of Sir Peter Jackson’s King Kong, but even though they used the same changing room, they never met.
It wasn’t until five years later when Will, fresh off his stint playing doctor Kip Denton on Shortland Street, was looking for cast and crew for his western movie Netherwood that Jordan entered his life.
Jordan recalls, “I’d just got back from working abroad on superyachts and I heard about a film some people from school were making. I met Will, got a behind-the-scenes role and we started hanging out.”
The best buddies ended up buying their first home together, becoming flatmates and carving out names for themselves in the industry, with Nothing Trivial star Will also getting married and becoming a dad in the process.
Now the boys get to share the screen on the second season of TV3’s Westside, with Jordan gaining 25kg to resume the part of pawn-shop owner Rod Nugent opposite Will’s detective Mike McCarthy. It’s a character Will reckons suits Jordan much more than his role in a certain reality series.
“Like the rest of the country, I got completely swept up with the Bachelor fairytale,” confesses Will. “I kept coming back for more, but I didn’t think I was watching the real Jordan on the show. I just wanted to see what this new Jordan was going to get up to next!”
When his best mate was slammed on social media after splitting from winner Fleur Verhoeven just 48 hours after the show’s finale aired, Will was the first one to defend him. He explains, “It became serious and the backlash turned nasty. That whole thing got way out of control. I had Jordan’s mum and brother on the phone, and they were so concerned about him. I was worried too, but when I spoke to him, I realised he was dealing with it really well.”
Now with that chapter firmly shut behind them, the lads are turning their attention back to their craft and there’s talk of teaming up for another TV series or film. “The nature of the beast is that it can take a long time to do anything like that and I’m not single any more,” says Will, who tied the knot to his lady love Sarah last year and is now a proud father to two-month-old Fred.
“But we’d jump at the chance.” “I’ll be the Ben Affleck to your Matt Damon,” laughs Jordan. And Will concludes, “I’ll take that. I’m Jason Bourne and you’re Batman!”

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