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Bachelor Arthur Green’s costume causes controversy

The Bachelor’s appearance at a recent party has sparked debate online

By Keren Sim
A photo of Bachelor NZ star Arthur Green at Colin Mathura-Jeffree’s birthday party has prompted controversy online, with some Kiwis criticising him for wearing ‘blackface’.
Art and his girlfriend Matilda Rice both attended Colin’s Bollywood-themed birthday party on Thursday where they posed together for several pictures. The couple were dressed in traditional Indian clothing, and Art had also applied brown makeup to his skin to make himself appear darker.
A screenshot of the now-deleted Instagram post.
Matilda also shared a picture of herself and Art at the party on Instagram with the caption “best night with this chocolate covered treat”, but she later removed the photo.
Some Twitter users, including reporter David Farrier, called Art out for the display of blackface, a term used to define the practice of wearing dark makeup to represent a non-white person.

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