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Art confesses: Matilda is everything I want!

The Bachelor couple are in love – and they reveal who said it first in our exclusive interview!

The nation watched them fall in love in front of the cameras on the first-ever season of The Bachelor NZ, and during our exclusive catch-up with the reality TV lovebirds this week, it’s clear the sparks are still flying between Arthur Green and Matilda Rice.
The pair aren’t shy about showing their affection for each other during our Woman’s Day photo shoot, stealing plenty of kisses and cuddles in between shots and bursting into giggles as they pose for our camera.
It’s a far cry from the accusations of a ‘fake’ romance the couple continue to deal with, but Art, 27, and Matilda, 24, have only become more smitten with each other since the show wrapped. In fact, the duo has reached another milestone in their relationship – saying the ‘L’ word!
“I said it first!” reveals Matilda.
“We were eating burgers in bed after a night out in Auckland. I’d been feeling like I’d wanted to say it for about two or three weeks, but I’d been weighing up whether or not to tell him how I was feeling.”
Luckily, once Matilda plucked up the courage to blurt it out, Art was only too happy to return the favour – and now, the lovebirds say it to each other every day.
“Matty’s everything I could want in a girlfriend - she makes me so happy. We are really chilled, we are always laughing and we are really open about stuff,” Art gushes.
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