Art and Matilda's big confession

The Bachelor stars are in love - with a capital L!

The Bachelor lovebirds have a special glow!
Arthur Green, 27, and Matilda Rice, 24, found love in front of the cameras on New Zealand's first-ever season of the popular reality dating show, and now that the series has wrapped, they've only grown closer together. In fact, the lovebirds have finally said the 'L' word to each other - and it all happened over burgers in bed!
"I'd been feeling like I'd wanted to say it for about two or three weeks, but I'd been weighing up whether or not to tell him how I was feeling," reveals Matilda.
Luckily, Art was feeling the same way - and now the couple make a point of telling each other every day.
"The word love is quite a big deal for both of us, which I like," says Art.
"We both knew we wouldn't say it unless we truly meant it."
It's all been smooth sailing for the couple, who are looking forward to a summer of beach-hopping around the country as well as a trip overseas.
"It's crazy how perfect our relationship is," Art reveals.
"Matty's everything I could want in a girlfriend - she makes me so happy."
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