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Anna Guy’s new bundle of baby joy

Our congratulations go out to Anna Guy, who announced the birth of her sixth child, Ari Scott Joseph Jameson.
Anna Guy announces sixth baby

Wee Ari, born on July 23 has a “sweet little face with the cutest chubby cheeks and loads of black hair.”

Anna, who lived through the murder of her brother five years ago – and saw her former husband charged with, then later acquitted for the crime – said there is always something special about the bond between siblings, no matter what happens in life.

On her blog, Anna wrote of her family’s happiness. She said: “Even though at times they all drive me crazy, I know I am extremely blessed to have six healthy children who (even though some may not admit it) love each other. There is something special about the bond between siblings and no matter what happens in life, brothers and sisters will always be the first friends you make. They hold the same memories and share the same history. I often remind the kids just how lucky they are to have each other but they probably won’t even realise it until they get older!

Anna’s father Bryan told NZME. the family was smitten with their new bundle of joy.

“We saw them just after the little fella was born and they’re just over the moon,” he told NZME.

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