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Anika Moa turns to crowdfunding for new album

The Kiwi songstress has started her first PledgeMe campaign for a new album of child-friendly music

By Keren Sim
Anika Moa has started up a crowdfunding page to help create her second ‘baby album’ Songs For Bubbas 2, following on from the original Songs for Bubbas which she released in 2013.
According to the PledgeMe page, the singer says she’s in the process of writing the second album and is working towards a goal of $40,000 to cover the cost of creating, distributing and promoting the music.
The first Songs for Bubbas featured 10 songs aimed at children with a mix of English and Maori lyrics.
“It has been a saviour of sorts, a moment to relish my beautiful children and to be a child myself,” Anika wrote of the first album.
“I write music to inspire myself but most importantly, to inspire everyone around me. I love being ridiculous and in the moment so it is a happy outcome for everyone.”
Anika, who shares custody of three-year-old twin boys Barry and Taane from a previous marriage and recently welcomed baby Soren with new love Natasha Utting, says her kids love the tunes on the Songs for Bubbas follow up.
“The songs are mostly written by me with the exception of maybe a couple of beautiful covers,” she writes.
“They are silly songs that my kids love and that all kids will love once they hear them.”
Anika and Natasha with baby Soren

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