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Andrew Orr’s mum and girlfriend meet Ed Sheeran

The British singer has helped to bring closure to the grieving family.

Andrew Orr’s mother and girlfriend have thanked Ed Sheeran in person for his song, Photograph.

Orr died in May this year in a four-wheel-drive accident in North Canterbury. The young law and commerce student’s death left his family and friends devastated with grief.

They found solace in Ed Sheeran’s moving song Photograph, and to thank him, they made a heartwarming tribute video for the British singer.

They hoped to meet Sheeran in person at his Auckland show to thank him.

Orr’s mother Kristin and girlfriend Caitlin Crisp, won backstage tickets to meet Sheeran through The Hits radio station.

There they were able to chat to the singer and let him know how much his music had helped them.

WATCH: Ed Sheeran performs in Auckland

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Sheeran greeted them with hugs and a “smile to light up a room”.

“We told him who we were and he said his team had shown him the video, and gave a nice smile,” Mrs Orr said.

She gave the singer some photos of her son and a greenstone paperweight.

“Greenstone is found in rivers in the South Island. Andrew grew up in Ruakaka by the river and died by a river,” said Mrs Orr.

She said Sheeran was “very gracious” and the meeting helped to complete the circle.

After spending time with the pop star backstage, Kristin and Caitlin joined the rest of their family to enjoy Sheeran’s show.

WATCH: Video for Ed Sheeran by Andrew Orr’s friends and family

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