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Adele sets new record for number of expletives spoken during one of her concerts

The singer is famed for her potty-mouthed on stage antics.

As Adele sets to wrap her world “Hello” tour and step down from performing for the foreseeable future, she’s making sure her finale concerts are set to be more than memorable.
Those who've seen the legendary performer in action - she played three sold-out shows in Auckland earlier this year - will know the songstress isn't shy when it comes to swearing while she's on stage.
According to The Sun, the hit-maker let rip at the first of her four Wembley finale shows, breaking her own record by swearing 56 times.
Apparently there were 44 f----, seven s---- and a b------ in front of a record-breaking 98,000-strong audience.
Previously her personal best had been set at Glastonbury last year, where it’s understood she unleashed a whopping 33 times.
While the singer is a fan of peppering her on-stage banter with colourful language, she’s as well known for making her audience laugh through humorous anecdotes from her personal life.
Clearly one of this year's Auckland shows was memorable for the star - if only for an on-stage bug invasion.
Recounting the incident to the Wembley crowd, Adele said: “My stage was invaded by bugs I have never seen in my f------ life. One b------ got into my boot and was sucking on my blood."

As reported by Now To Love earlier, Adele has confirmed she that will be taking break from touring although she will continue to make music.
The multi-award winner left a handwritten note buried inside the programme for fans at one of her London shows this week which explained her decision to step down from the stage.
The note elaborated on her love of making music but that touring did not particularly suit her.
Speaking to the crowd, the superstar offered these touching words: “I might never see you again at a live show. Who knows? But I will remember this for the rest of my life.”