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Adele fools Adele impersonators

The powerhouse singer showed off her acting chops during her BBC special by disguising herself as an Adele impersonator!

Her powerhouse vocals have gained her legions of devoted fans, but it looks like Adele has some hidden talents up her sleeve aside from music!
The performer, whose newest album debuted to rave reviews last week, took part in a hilarious prank as part of her recent BBC television special with host Graham Norton.
Wearing a prosthetic nose and chin and donning gloves to hide her distinctive tattoos, the ‘Hello’ singer successfully blended in with a group of Adele impersonators who were all performing her hit ‘Make You Feel My Love’.
Introducing herself as ‘Jenny’, the 27-year-old singer chatted away with the group of impersonators, even poking fun at herself for the long wait between 21 and her latest album!
Of course, once she got up on stage to perform, there was no question it was the real Adele. Her surprise reveal brought many of the other impersonators to tears – check out the clip above and watch the full video here.

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