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5 things we learned from our live chat with Jordan Mauger

The Bachelor himself stopped by to get in the hot seat on Facebook, with Kiwi fans asking all the tough questions
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He’s opened up about his side of the story in this week’s issue, and last night The Bachelor New Zealand star Jordan Mauger faced even more grilling as he answered all the tough questions in real time on our Facebook page.

From his pick for the next Bachelorette to the real status of his current relationship with runner-up Nazanin Khanjani, here are the five biggest bombshells Jordan revealed last night:

Jordan’s top pick for NZ’s first Bachelorette

“It’s gonna be a toss up between Gabs and Erin,” Jordan said. “I think between Gabs and Erin you’ve got an amazing Bachelorette. One of those two girls will be key – [they’ll] be on point.”

Is Jordan with Naz in real life?

“The answer is no – after the show, obviously, everyone’s aware with what happened,” Jordan said.

“I still remain friends with a lot of the girls, we went through a lot together, it’s quite a unique experience to share with someone.

“I’ve been talking to Naz and a few of the other girls. We sort of talk about what we’ve been through, what we’re getting up to now … so there is definitely a friendship there, but no, I wouldn’t say we’re with one another.”

Did he ever want to stop being the Bachelor?

“No, I never really wanted to stop. I committed to it, I wanted to see the whole thing through,” he said, adding that he had no regrets about the show although it didn’t “turn out the way [he] wanted it to”.

“I went into it, I learned a lot about myself, I learned a lot about the situation and learned a lot about the other girls as well. You can’t look back and say you regret things – you learn from them, you move on.”

Is Jordan single?

“I haven’t really had much time to meet anybody else,” Jordan said, adding that he went straight to work after filming on The Bachelor wrapped and had been focused on catching up with friends.

“But I am single and I think I’ll jump on the dating horse again soon – but at the moment I’m recovering from what’s happened and moving on.”

When did he last talk to Fleur?

Jordan says he last heard from his final Bachelorette, Fleur Verhoven, shortly before she left for her luxury cruise around the Pacific with bestie Shari Flavall.

“I’m sure they’ve having the best time because they are a couple of larrikins – especially during [filming],” Jordan revealed.

“They were great friends so I’m sure they’re running riot around the Pacific Islands.”

Watch Jordan’s full live chat in the video below

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