Why New Zealand harakeke is great for the health of your skin

There’s an iconic Kiwi plant that can help get your skin looking healthy in no time - and it’s been right under your nose since you were a kid.

After a cold, harsh winter, it's time to give back to your skin by nourishing your body with hydrating and soothing New Zealand harakeke.
The skin on our bodies is in a constant state of renewal. Those scaly patches on your shins, elbows, feet and hands are the dead skin cells getting ready to be sloughed off to make way for fresh, new and healthy cells to come to the surface. As we leave winter in our wake for another year and get ready to expose our skin to the warm air once again, it's the perfect time to give it a little TLC, and get into a habit of taking care of our bodies from top to toe each and every day.

Say hello to Harakeke

Harakeke (also known as New Zealand flax) is a luxurious botanical moisturiser packed with linoleic acid, which boosts the skin's barrier layer helping to seal in natural moisture. It's the perfect ingredient for this time of year, as it helps the turnover of surface skin cells, so healthier cells beneath the skin's surface are revealed faster. Plus, if you suffer from skin that's easily irritated, Harakeke works to soothe itchiness and irritation. Think of it as New Zealand's answer to aloe vera.

Make it a habit

Adding harakeke to your skincare arsenal is a cinch, with many ecostore products boasting the nourishing ingredient in their formulations. With the number of times per day we wash our hands, stocking up on handwash such as ecostore Vanilla & Coconut Hand Wash, $5.99, will ensure your skin is nourished and protected every time you clean them. ecostore's Vanilla & Coconut Body Wash, $7.99, will help ensure your whole body gets cleansed and nourished, without stripping your skin of those much-needed natural protective oils.

Be wise and moisturise

To really get your skin looking ship-shape for summer, it's important to also remember to moisturise - not just a couple of times per week, but every day! When your skin is still slightly damp after your shower, rub a nourishing body oil or lotion into skin to help lock in that moisture and don't forget areas like your elbows and heels. Kick that skin cell renewal into extra high gear by exfoliating your entire body once a week, too.