What else to do when you’re doing a face mask

The Now To Love team reveals how they multi-task and make the most of their pamper time.

For those of us whose budgets don’t allow for regular professional facials, there is NOTHING more luxurious and pampering-y than an at-home face mask.

While the point of a face mask is supposed to be all the wonderful skin benefits, it's really the act of masking - that blessed 20 minutes or more of self-care—that makes the mask worth doing.

For the modern millennial woman however, sitting completely still for almost half an hour while waiting for all the fancy ingredients to work their magic is a downright waste of precious multi-tasking time.

So, what can you actually do while you’re wearing your face mask, that utilizes those valuable 20 minutes but isn't too rigorous that all the goop drips off your face onto the carpet?

The Now To Love team road tested the new By Nature Charcoal Clarifying Face Mask, and shared how they mask and multi-task.

Sinead Corcoran – Health & Beauty Editor

I won’t lie to you, the best part of being a Beauty Editor is getting to try all the products and I’m lucky enough to have a pretty well-stocked face mask collection, so I do one almost every night.

For extra multi-tasking-ness I’ll usually do a hair mask at the same time as a facie, and always while watching a blackhead-extracting compilation video on Youtube – they are my guilty pleasure.

After taking a myriad of selfies I finish off my pamper sesh by hiding behind a door and jumping out to scare my boyfriend.

Keren Sim - Celebrity and Entertainment Editor

I love a good face mask, but being somewhat of an impatient person, I often find it difficult waiting out the ‘full’ time for the product to work its magic.

To get around this, I like to settle in with an episode of my favourite TV show (currently, Bachelor in Paradise or its even trashier British cousin Love Island) and let the face mask do its thing while I pretend I am also swanning around an exotic locale drinking wine and looking for love.

Ten minutes later and my skin has soaked up all the clarifying charcoal goodness it can get – and I’m back into the drama of the latest scandalous love triangle. My ideal night in!

Alex Blackwood – Digital Producer

Slow-cooker on, headphones in, wine in hand. My ideal set up for a face mask involves triple multi-tasking for maximum productivity.

What could be a better addition to an audiobook/embroidery session than feeling pampered?

Karyn Henger – Lifestyle Editor

I like to do face masks with my teenage daughters; it’s a cool mother-daughter bonding opportunity. We drink tea and chit-chat.

They’re at the age where they’re becoming really interested in skincare products and how to best look after their skin so they like to experiment with products.

They’re also starting to understand that lifestyle factors like stress, exercise and what they put into their bodies also influences the health of their skin.

Cathy O’Sullivan – Managing Editor

I'm all about maximising my time so while I'm waiting for my face mask to work its wonders, I turn to another area that needs some love - my feet.

I've been seeing far too much of my toes lately after stepping up my yoga game. With every downward dog comes a reminder to deal with those clodhoppers.

So on Sunday evenings after slathering on my face mask and letting my skin soak up the clay goodness I get to work on those hooves, sorry, feet.

After a scrub of the feet and a couple of coats of polish, my toes are twinkling again just in time to wash off my mask. Fresh and glowing from head to toe. Bliss!