Get ready for a summer glow-up with these expert salon treatments

Indulge in self-care or bestow the gift of beauty

As we approach the festive season and the start of a new year, it's the perfect time to evaluate your beauty aspirations and book a last-minute consultation or schedule an appointment for January at Laser Clinics New Zealand.
Laser Clinics provides an all-encompassing suite of treatments, from laser hair removal to facials and cosmetic injectables, each meticulously customised to align with your unique skin goals.
With several cosmetic clinics spread across New Zealand, from Auckland to Dunedin (find your nearest outlet here), Laser Clinics makes prioritising your skincare as effortless as possible.
Here are some of our favourite skin treatments provided by Laser Clinics to consider for a summer radiance boost — or why not give the gift of beauty to someone special with a digital gift voucher (an ideal solution for those last-minute Christmas presents).

4 popular treatments to try at Laser Clinics NZ

1. A replenishing HydraFacial

Are you feeling drained after a challenging year or looking to rejuvenate your skin after an outdoorsy holiday? Laser Clinics' replenishing HydraFacial is just what you need. Utilising advanced technology to cleanse, hydrate and protect your skin, the facial delivers a radiant glow, a more balanced skin tone and a smoother skin texture.

2. Revitalising LED light therapy

If you're curious about the cutting-edge beauty innovation of LED light therapy, a professional-grade treatment at Laser Clinics is your ideal introduction. Choose between yellow LED light therapy for a brighter complexion, hydration and collagen stimulation, or opt for blue LED light therapy to combat acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, and enhance skin texture.

3. Skin needling for a luminous complexion

Skin needling is a favourite among Laser Clinics' clientele. This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure utilises a small roller with tiny needles, creating minute punctures that stimulate collagen and elastin production and diminish the appearance of pigmentation and enlarged pores. The team at Laser Clinics provides a complimentary consultation before your first skin needling session to assess your skin type and develop a personalised plan, ensuring you're in expert hands.

4. Laser hair removal for smooth skin

If you've been contemplating saying goodbye to razors, wax or hair removal creams, laser hair removal is definitely worth considering. Safe for use on any part of the body, regular treatments can lead to significant hair reduction and decreased ingrown hairs. At Laser Clinics, your journey begins with a complimentary skin consultation, where your laser therapist will determine the most suitable laser technology for your skin tone.
At Laser Clinics, their experienced therapists understand that everyone's skin is unique, so are importantly dedicated to delivering bespoke results just for you.
To embark on your path to radiant skin, visit the Laser Clinics NZ website or book your complimentary consultation here.