The healthy morning routine to get you glowing

Mornings can be stressful but with a bit of organisation you can begin the day feeling (and looking) naturally radiant.

A good morning ritual can set you up for a successful day ahead. Kick off your day with a routine that looks after your health holistically so that your skin glows radiantly and naturally. Just follow our quick and easy five-step plan…
Exercise does more than keep your body healthy, it offers benefits for the mind, too.
1. Start with a productive gym session
Former US president Barack Obama apparently starts his day with a workout consisting of weights and cardio before eating breakfast with his family – and he's on to something.
While we know that exercise is important for our physical health, it's also an incredibly useful method to alleviate stress and can assist in the production of dopamine (associated with runner's high), and endorphins, hormones responsible known to improve mood.
Exercise can also aid with weight loss, helps prevent depression, reduces the risk of developing lifestyle illnesses such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and also gives you a nice, radiant glow from within (read: pride).
The New Zealand Ministry of Health recommends just five hours of moderate exercise spread out over the week to reap benefits. So that cute thing you do where you lie in bed for thirty minutes after your alarm sounds and scroll mindlessly through Facebook? Trade this time for a morning sweat, you won't regret it.
2. De-clutter the mind with a bout of meditation
You don't need to spend hours practising mindfulness meditation in order to see results – all you need is a minimum of three to five minutes.
The practice involves sitting on the floor in an upright position, closing your eyes and paying attention to the flow of your breath, bringing your mind back to the present when, inevitably, the brain tries to think of other things.
Mindfulness is a great stress-relieving method for time-poor (and frugal) workers and when practised over time can offer a range of benefits including decreased feelings of anxiety and depression.
3. Have a tried and tested go-to make-up routine and use good products to minimise time spent getting ready
Start by gently cleansing the skin of any grime that may have built up over night. Follow that with a SPF30+ moisturiser to protect your face from the sun and wait until this has sunk into your skin before applying natural-looking foundation that gives you a smooth finish.
If you're after something gentle on the skin, try Nude by Nature's new Flawless Liquid Foundation (NZD$44.95, The product is formulated without synthetics, contains natural pigments and contains good-for-you ingredients including bamboo powder, antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plum and Lilly Pilly, so you know that your skin looks naturally flawless.
Follow up with the dermatologically tested Nude by Nature Flawless Concealer (NZD$29.95) to camouflage dark circles and cover any other pesky blemishes.
If you're so inclined, follow with a small brush of blush, add a few lashings of deep black mascara and pop a protective lip balm on.
4. Feed your body (and skin)
Kiwis are advised to eat at least three servings of veges and two servings of fruit a day. Adding fruit to your morning smoothie is a quick and easy way to meet your daily requirements.
Including fruits such as blueberries and strawberries in your smoothie provides the body with vitamin C and antixodiants, which are both great for the skin.
5. Repeat some positive affirmations for a good dose of warm fuzzies
While some believe self-affirmations are a little left-field, research has indicated that positive self-talk can result in improved performance and problem solving under pressure – so don't feel silly for looking in the mirror and letting yourself know that you're going to ace your mid-morning meeting.
By simply telling yourself "I am confident and prepared" or "I am capable and efficient" paired with a deep breath, you'll be amazed what you can achieve.