Discover the benefits of deer milk skincare

World-first skincare, made in New Zealand

If you're wondering whether deer milk is good for your skin, just ask Natalie Smith, marketing director of New Zealand deer milk skincare company Kōtia. She shares how Kōtia's skincare range was born from an unexpected discovery from a deer farm milker, who found that her dry, work-hardened hands became softer and younger from regular contact with deer milk.
There are many benefits to incorporating deer milk skincare into your routine. Natalie explains how scientists have analysed the unique ingredient, finding that "deer milk has the highest level of antioxidants, nutrients, and anti-inflammatory agents than any other milk used in skin care".
"Packed naturally with vitamins A, B, D, and E as well as zinc, iodine, and protein, when combined with other actives you've got a pretty potent combo to help repair and improve skin while helping prevent future damage", she says.
The Kōtia skincare range.
The skincare incorporates two unique deer milk peptide complexes. Clinical trials have highlighted the benefits of these peptide complexes on the skin, including an increase in moisture levels, a boost in elasticity, and a reduction in fine lines, pigmentation and dark circles.
The proof is also found in the positive reviews of Kōtia customers seeking solutions to their skincare concerns. They say that after using Kōtia skincare, their complexion is noticeably glowing, patches of dry skin are eradicated, and the quality of their skin has noticeably improved.
Kōtia's hero product, the hydrating day cream with SPF15.
Importantly, Kōtia products are not tested on animals, and the milking process is gentle and stress-free for the hinds.
For those wanting to incorporate deer milk skincare into your routine, we recommend starting with Kōtia's hero product, the hydrating day cream with SPF15. Its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants help restore and fortify the skin barrier, combatting dehydration and dullness while shielding your skin from UV rays.
For a gentle, purifying cleanse, the Kōtia exfoliating cleansing milk is an excellent choice, and to add luxury to your evening skincare routine, the regenerating night cream not only nourishes the skin but aids with increasing collagen product while you sleep.
With the perfect balance between nature-infused ingredients and scientific backing, Kōtia is an absolute must-try for those seeking a nourished, radiant complexion.
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