3 easy, game-changing skincare tips for luminous skin

These small changes can help improve your skin's health and appearance.

Think your skincare game is pretty strong? These three tips may give you a new perspective on your routine.

Be weary of screens

As Now To Love has previously reported, your love affair with technology could be ageing you.
If you want healthy skin you'll either need to ditch the screens - which, if you work in an office, probably isn't doable - or you'll need to protect your skin from the harmful light emitted from screens.
Though it sounds like science-fiction, screens emit high-energy visible light (HEV) - also known as blue light - that can actually penetrate deeper than the sun's UVA/UVB rays. This can result in free radicals which have been known to damage the skin. Great. More bad news: unfortunately our sunscreens can't protect us from blue light.
While the full extent of HEV is still being looked into, past research suggests HEV can result in "uneven pigmentation, premature ageing and impaired barrier function."
So not only are screens damaging our eyes and disrupting our sleep, they can actually have a negative affect on our skin!
To combat this, turn the blue light off on your phone.
On iPhone:
  • Head to Settings, Display & Brightness, Night Shift and then schedule your phone to adjust the colours of your display during certain times.
Additionally, invest in some products that work to protect your skin against light and environmental stressors.

Give multi-masking a go

Multi-masking is a relatively new technique in the beauty industry, and is highly useful if you have varying skin concerns on different facial areas.
For example, you may have an oily T-zone but experience dryness on your cheeks or you may have fine lines but are also battling acne - fun!
If you have conflicting concerns, applying two different face masks - each on their corresponding problem area - is highly beneficial: enter multi-masking.
Goodness skincare have made our lives easier by creating two multi-masking kits - so all we need is in one very cute but hard-working package.
The first kit is ideal for combination or oily skin types. It contains a Turmeric Target Mask for our T-zone (this helps draw out impurities and refine pores) and a Bilberry Face Mask, which is full of nourishing chia seed oils, avocado and coconut.
The second kit is for normal skin types and contains a Paprika Target Mask and Green Tea Face Mask, both of which contain purifying kaolin clay and coconut.
While it may look a little odd to see two different masks on at once, you're one step closer to beautiful skin.
Plus, it's always fun to see yourself looking a little like this...
Try multi-masking to target specific skin concerns. Why not try all four? Your face may look a little like this... pretty Instagram-worthy!

Do your research

While you may have got your cleanse/tone/moisturise/mask routine down pat, are you using the right products for your skin?
It may seem obvious, but it's imperative your skincare targets your concerns and you add/remove products from your routine as your skin changes.
For example, around the age of 25 you may want to consider using a night cream - but don't just pop into the local supermarket, pick any anti-ageing product off the shelf and consider it a job well done.
Look at the label: does the product target your age group? Is the serum/cream too heavy for your skin? Does the ingredient list contain any known nasties for the skin?
To avoid feeling overwhelmed and breaking a sweat in the shop, do your research before you leave the house (let's be honest, before you order online).
First assess your skin concerns and their potential causes, next research the ingredients known to help alleviate these issues and then research products.
This will allow you to make educated decisions about your skincare products - your skin (and bank account - just think of the money wasted using incorrect products) will thank you for it!
Research, research, research.
Goodness' multi-masking kits will be available in Farmers, Countdown and The Warehouse this April.