Make up tricks to help you look younger

Five make-up tips to turn back the years.

By Tracy Davis
When it comes to make-up, it’s great skin prep, a less-is-more approach, sumptuous textures and a flattering colour palette that helps us to look more youthful. Let your natural beauty shine through.

1 Moisturise and hydrate to create a juicier complexion

A plumped up, healthy-looking complexion is always going to make us look more youthful, so the first step is to get as much moisture into your skin as you can.
Before your make-up goes on, choose a hydrating moisturiser, oil, serum or balm and spend a few minutes massaging it over your face to really work it into your skin and get circulation flowing. It’s a trick make-up artists use all the time.

2 Make sure your base (foundation layer) is perfect

Next, apply foundation to the centre of your face where you are likely to need the most coverage (the forehead, either side of the nose and your chin), and blend it out towards your hairline and ears until it disappears into your skin so it doesn’t look like a mask.
Blend a concealer over the top of any area that you want extra coverage, such as under-eye circles or redness, patting it into the skin rather than wiping it so it melts in seamlessly. Use just the tiniest amount of powder to set.

3 Make the most of your lashes

Every woman suits long lashes and a feathery (not clumpy) lashline widens and defines your eyes, which makes them look more beautiful.
The trick is to choose a formula and a brush that can make the most out of every single lash, and follow make-up artists’ advice, which is to curl first. Before that, though, practise lining your top lid with a dark liner pressed right into your lash line. It’s the secret to making it look like you’ve got more lashes and it’s a look that is flattering.

4 Frame your eyes

Defining your eyebrows is an ageless beauty tip almost all of our regular fashion models have endorsed. A combination of brow pencil to create hair-like strokes, brow powder to fill in gaps and a brush to blend will help you make the most of these assets.
Give your eyes definition by working some subtle nude shades over your eyelids, starting with a light shade over your entire lid and a medium shade into the eyelid crease.
Rather than using eye pencil under the eye, which can look harsh and dated, blend a little eyeshadow powder close to the lower lash line with a brush for a softer feel.

5 Use colour to plump your face up

A face void of any colour can look older than its years. Take make-up maestro Bobbi Brown’s advice and give your cheeks a good pinch – that’s the shade you need to look for when shopping for the right blush.
Once you have it, smile and apply to the apples of your cheeks, blending out towards your ears. Our lips start to thin as we age and it’s not uncommon for them to become uneven, but a nude lip liner can help even things up. Fill in with your favourite lippy, keeping it on the neutral side if you want to make your lips look fuller.

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