This incredible foundation range has the perfect shade for every Kiwi woman

Stop your search for the perfect foundation - we've already found it!

Finding the perfect foundation is a tricky thing - and it can take a lifetime of scouring store after store to find a shade that could be considered natural-looking.
In fact, many women even give up on wearing foundation because they just can't seem to find a colour that fits their unique skintone.
And who can blame them? Wearing ill-fitting foundation can make you look either washed out and pale, too dark or - in the worst case scenario - even a little orange.
Without a doubt, finding a quality, no-fuss and reliable foundation is trickier than taking off your sports bra after a sweaty gym session, but here at Now To Love we think we may have found 'the one'.
We've found a foundation for women of all ethnicities, skin tones and backgrounds - something that Kiwi women, diverse as we are - will love. This foundation will not only cover imperfections and give you a great confidence boost, but it will enhance your natural beauty.
Enter: L'Oreal Paris' True Match Foundation range.
L'Oreal Paris knows how diverse the every day Kiwi woman is - our skin tones are completely unique and broad-ranging.
So they've created a shade to fit everyone in their True Match Foundation range - from latte coloured skin to beautiful darker tones to lighter and fairer complexions.
L'Oreal Paris' True Match Foundation is perfect if you want really natural and well-fitting coverage - no orange tint or 'this shade is close enough' business.
The foundation can be used by all skin types - including those with pesky oily skin as True Match is oil-free and non-comedogenic, which means there's no chance of your pores complaining about the product.
The creamy liquid foundation works to enhance your natural beauty; it covers imperfections and blemishes like a champ but doesn't hide away you.
And after watching the royal wedding, isn't sheer, natural coverage what we really want?
We asked a diverse range of Kiwi women for their opinion on L'Oreal Paris' True Match Foundation. Here are their thoughts...

LULU - Shade: 5W

"Less is more for me when it comes to my skin. I like to show off my Irish Maori heritage and olive skin and True Match helps me do just that."
Lulu is a well-known freelance fashion stylist in Auckland. @luluwilcox

HANNAH - Shade: 3C

"I've learnt to love my skin. I like to focus on accentuating it and not covering it up and True Match is perfect for this."
Hannah is a fashion/lifestyle blogger and digital marketer. She also owns Miss Auckland pageant.

MERCY - Shade: 1.5N

"Not everyone likes fair skin, but I love it - I've always tried to play up that pale look."
Mercy started modelling in London in the 1980s. She is currently a model with Unique Model Management.

SOPHIE - Shade: 2N

"To me, embracing and enhancing what you've got is the best way to show your own unique, true beauty."
Sophie is the Beauty Editor at M2 Woman. She also has her own beauty blog and is a reviewer at Concrete Playground. @oheyitsfifi


"For me, when my skin is looking its best it means I'm looking after myself. It's so important for my foundation to be the right shade so that it feels and looks like my skin, not makeup."
Christina is a wedding make-up artist and blogger. She also has a son and is pregnant with her second child. @frecklesandblush

KERRE - Shade: 6W

"Laughter is my natural state – when I'm smiling, I'm me. I like my laugh lines, but it's nice to be able to cover up the blotches."
Kerre is a well-known NZ journalist, radio personality, author and columnist. She currently co-hosts a show at Newstalk ZB. @kerremcivor

RAVEN - Shade: 8W

"I absolutely love the colour of my skin, a perfect blend of milo and milk. I literally wear my culture on my skin, and True Match is perfect for showing this off."
Raven was formerly a solo host of Mai FM's popular night show.

RILEY - Shade: 4W

"For me, my skin reflects my health, and having healthy, glowing skin means a lot to me. You can't hide everything, but a fresh base works wonders no matter the occasion."
Riley has recently graduated as a paramedic. She is most well-known for documenting her weight loss journey on her Instagram account. @healthychick101
L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation can be found in Farmers stores and leading pharmacies nationwide. Or shop online.