24 hours with... Sarah Gandy from The Hits

The radio host reveals her beauty routine and makeup must-haves.


You need all the help you can get at 4 in the morning!
I use a product from The Ordinary called “the buffet” – it’s a serum with a combo of peptides.
I also use a moisturiser with Vitamin C and a dry oil SPF. Despite the early start, I still do my make up each morning.
The staples in my daily make up bag are Bobbi Brown Glow Foundation, Too Faced bronzer, Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Mascara, Benefit Ka Brow kit, and Too Faced Primed and Poreless finishing powder.
For hair, my go-to products are Matrix Blow Out Cream (gives me body that last a good couple of days) and Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse.
I’ve also just discovered a Dry shampoo mousse from Ouai which is amazing.
I’ve also been using the Smart Bond system at my hair salon and at home and finding it really great for repairing damaged coloured hair.

I don’t often wear a lot of eye shadow during the day, so if I was heading out for the night I would pair that with some liner and we are good to go. The Zoeva Rose Gold Palette from Sephora does the trick well.

For fancy events, I try to stick to something similar to what I wear during the day (with just a bit more eye-attitude going on or a spot of lippie) – mainly because I tend to screw it up when I try different things!
When I can, I get my hair done for events at a salon/dry bar because the professionals always do a MUCH better job than me! And a bit of tan always helps - Bondi Sands gives the glow without the orange.
I go to Bianca at Kokomo in Auckland for my hair. Manicures have been mostly DIY lately but when I do go, Imogene at Pop Nails is my go-to.


My morning and night rourtines are very similar. I use The Ordinary “buffet” serum everynight along with my Vitamin C cream, and I also use a 2% Retanoid serum 2-3 nights a week (also from The Ordinary).
I also have a Clarisonic which I use to wash my face – I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get one, they are incredible.
Early mornings take their toll – I sometimes have a wee at home pamper sesh with the Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair masks. They do one called the “Concentrated Recovery Powerfoil Mask” with a matching eye mask – both work wonders when you’re feeling a little raggedy round the edges.

Since I’ve gotten older, I’m more aware of a preventative beauty regime these days. I was so ignorant to things like sun damage as a teen and I’m paying for it now.
As a gift to my older self, I’m now way more aware of how to protect and nourish my skin. I’m also far more aware of looking after my skin from the inside out – so lots of water, and lots of fruit, veges and good fats.

I love people who let their natural beauty shine – Drew Barrymore is one of those people and I’ve loved how she rocks her inner glow for years. Zoe Bell does the same and always looks amazing for it.