24 hours with...Megan Annear from The Edge

The radio presenter and Youtube vlogger shares her beauty routine and makeup must-haves.

If I don’t have to present a show on Edge TV – I go make up free during the week.
I wake up and wash my face with my Ki Hydrating Cleanser, then pat dry. I have really dry skin so if it’s a really dry day, I use my Snowberry Everyday Sunscreen, then my Snowberry Facial Oil or The Chemistry Brand Retin-Oil and that’s it!
If my skin is feeling ok, I use my Eco Tan Face Water for a subtle gradual glow. A small amount of Smashbox Radiance Primer, a pink based lip balm and I’m good for the day.

If I do have TV – it’s a full face of make up starting off with Smashbox Primer oil and Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Wear Foundation, then a strong under eye concealer. I move on to shaping my face with Smashbox contour sticks, and their new incredible Spotlight Highlight palette.
I then pair it all with a matte bold lip (I love a bright pink or red – Smashbox Always on Liquid Lipsticks are the BEST), strong black winged liner and some modelRock false lashes.
I sleep with my hair in a messy topknot so my hair naturally has a wave in it in the morning. I spray in some Davies Melu Hair Shield, then I tame it with my straighteners or go with it and curl the ends. I'll either leave it down or put a chunky Dutch braid through my fringe.

I always carry a small dry shampoo with me for touch ups throughout the day – My hair is long but thin so can get weighed down and dry shampoo is great for adding a bit of volume.
A good moisturising lip balm with a hint of colour is actually a serious necessity – one of those things that I panic if I leave the house without. I’m forever finding a new favourite lip balm, suggestions are welcome!
If I’m not wearing make up that day I keep my Smashbox Primer Oil in my bag to put on my face throughout the day to refresh and take a moment (it smells so good!)

Night's out

If I had to glam up a daytime look for a night out, I would pop on a pair of false lashes which I always turn to to amp up my look, dust on more Smashbox Spotlight highlight and if I’m wearing a nude lip I would go for a bold purple, red or pink. A touch of dry shampoo for more volume and I'm done!
If I'm doing a full face make up for nights out. I'll shower and put my hair up in a towel while I'm applying my make up (always with good background music playing - Loving Haim's new album at the mo).
I'll lather on some Smashbox Primer Oil and Smashbox Radiance Primer for extra glow, put on my Studio Skin 15 hour wear foundation from Smashbox and contour like crazy with their contour kit. Plenty of highlight, a bold matte lip, an intense black wing on my eyes and then lock it in with Urban Decay All Nighter Spray.
I'll then dry my hair off, put in some heat protecting Melu Hair Shield from Davies and either chose to go straight or put in curls with my curling wand. A touch of volumizing powder or hair spray sometimes to make sure everything stays in place and more often than not I'll leave my hair down when going to events! I'm not an up-do kinda girl.

If I could only glam-up with one product, it would definitely be a Smashbox Always on Liquid Lip in Shockaholic, Girl Gang or Bawse.
Three really bold colours that stay on forever and are so vibrant and opaque they are perfect for taking my look up a few thousand notches.
I used to really struggle to get on the liquid matte lip band wagon - but this formula is so much better than others I have tried in the past. It doesn't dry out my lips, or smudge or flake and crumble. I'm so impressed with it.

Evening routine

I love bedtime, and always light candles (my Mum makes them for me!) or burn some aromatherapy oils depending on how I am feeling.
I'll then take my thick TV ready make up off with my Take It Off make up remover towel which has been life changing.
It's a microfibre towel that takes off all my waterproof long wearing make up with just warm water, seriously.
I didn't think it was going to work until I tried it and now I use it every night without fail. So great for the environment as well, because I'm not going through lots of disposable wipes or plastic bottles of make up remover.
I then cleanse with my Ki Hydrating cleanser, and layer up on Snowberry face serum, eye cream and night cream. I always spray myself with my Perfect Potion relax Aromatic mist and put Perfect Potion Dream Balm on my temples and wrists to help me sleep.
I put my hair up in a bun on top of my head to keep it off my face when I'm sleeping, and bonus, create waves and curls to wake up to the next morning.

If I want to pamper myself, I love going to Caci Clinic for a facial.
Obviously it is lovely and relaxing, but it also seriously helps. My skin has changed so drastically as I've gotten older.
I used to be oily and have acne issues - now my skin is so dry that it sometimes hurts! I didn't even know where to start because I had never experienced it before and Caci have been so helpful suggesting what products to use (the Ki Hydrating Cleanser is amazing!) and offering advice.
This year I have tried Laser Hair Removal at Caci for my underarms and I love it, I’m halfway through my sessions and my underarms are so fine and faint they are basically non-existent and my skin is smooth and happy, I used to get terrible lumps and rashes from shaving there daily.
I also love getting an eyelash lift and tint from Loft Beauty! I have long eyelashes, but they are so straight you can't even see them. With the lift and tint, it's like I'm permanently wearing falsies even without mascara. It's something I seriously suggest everyone try out, it totally changed the game for me. I'm booked in for a Yumi Lash Lift with Loft Beauty this month and I can't wait, it makes me so much more confident.

I only trust Loxys in Ponsonby with my hair. It's very long and I'm rather fond of it. Luckily my hairdresser Katie is a goddess and a genius rolled into one.
She is patient with me (I once tried to explain that I wanted my hair to look like the colour of 'Autumn' and she nailed it!) and I trust her completely.
She never pressures me into something I don't want, as other hairdressers have done in the past (being a pushover I would always agree and then regret it majorly).
The salon only uses cruelty free products as well which makes all the difference for me as I only use cruelty free make up and hair products at home.
My nails are always done by the incredibly talented and serious babe Nicola at Blush Baby.
Again, she is extremely patient with me when I walk into her salon with broken nails and bad cuticles.
She has the steady had of a surgeon and can kill it with any design you want (she must be a total boss at the game Operation).
I have recently had my eyebrows feather tattooed by Katt at On BrowHouse. She oozes 'cool' and always looks like she has just stepped out of a Vogue Magazine - but more importantly, she's extremely skilled at what she does.
I cried with happiness after seeing her transformation on my extremely over plucked thin brows.

As I've gotten older my beauty routine has changed in that I enjoy my bed time routine now.
When I was younger it was a quick wash of the face and that was it whereas now I savour the wind down and really try and relax while putting on my creams and potions.
I also wear make up a lot less!
When I was younger I wouldn't even dare open the door for the postman unless I had a full face of make up on - but now from looking after my skin properly it's the best it's been so I'm a lot happier walking around bare faced.

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