24 hours with...Kara Rickard

The radio host and mum-of-three reveals her beauty routine and makeup must-haves.


I like to spend every last minute I can sleeping in the mornings so my beauty routine is very minimal.
My alarm goes off at 4.30am and once I've fed my son, I have about 15 minutes to get ready and out the door.
I wash my face with Trilogy Very Gentle Cleanser in the shower, then follow it with Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil, and Active Moist moisturiser.
Depending on how late I'm running, I'll either put them on in the car or once I get to work.
I take Biobalance Liposomal Coq10 every morning for a bit of extra energy and I recently got a Swell drink bottle so I try and drink warm water with lemon on my 20 minute commute.
I always have hair ties in my bag and Triumph and Disaster Karekare Sea Salt Spray – it's the perfect texturiser for hair my length.
I always have a tub of Trilogy Everything Balm, cause it's good for everything from cracked lips to dry skin to babies' bottoms.

Unless I'm fliming I don't wear any makeup. But I always have a little kit ready to go if something comes up last minute.
The products in it are: Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer (it really helps brighten eyes that have been up before the sun!); Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water which has the perfect amount of coverage for someone like me who doesn't enjoy wearing foundation; Mac Gingerly blush, Billion Dollar Brows eyebrow pallete, Lancome Hypnose mascara, Mac Blot Powder and Mac Lipglass in Lovechild.
Since I started on breakfast radio (and had another baby), nights out are few and far between. Unless it's a really fancy event, I will usually only wear mascara and lipstick because I despise having to wash makeup off and I'm terrible at applying it!
If it is a really fancy event, I'll get a professional to take care of my face.
Terese Tomlins is the makeup artist on my TV show Morena so I generally just go see her. I actually met her on the set of my first TV show nearly 15 years ago and trust her with my life.


If I've been filming and wearing makeup I'll use Dermalogica Precleanse Oil then Dermalogica Ultra Calming face wash.
Then I massage in a few drops of Dermalogica Phyto Replenishing Oil – it's probably the one product I can't live without at the moment, it's super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling soft and snuggly.
I apply Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift before bed.
I like to go and see my osteopath Felice at Wellwest every few months just to make sure my body is working the way it should.
I recently got a Yumi lash lift at Loft Beauty in Mt Eden and it blew me away - my lashes didn't even look this good when I had fake ones!
I had my eyebrows micro bladed by Emma at Emco cosmetic tattooing in St Lukes which means I don't have to spend anytime filling them in any more which I love.

I've bitten my nails my whole life and only recently stopped. I've found that getting a gel polish helps the urge to bite them, because it makes them thicker and harder to get my teeth into.
I go to Heather Vette. She knows that I'm super busy so always gives me a manicure that won't look weird as it grows out.
She paints most of her designs by hand, her skill is amazing! I really don't get to see her as often as I should.
I get my hair cut and coloured with Stephen at ASC Salon. He gave me my first 'proper' haircut close to 15 years ago. The space he's created with his wife Andrea is beautiful.

Since I've gotten older, I have less time for a beauty routine but now I believe in spending a bit more money on the quality of the products I use . I NEVER would have spent more than $20 on a single product when I was younger.
I also wear sunscreen everyday! I never wore it in my 20s and my skin has suffered. My use Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 or I put solar booster in my moisturiser.