What to do about oily hair

We answer your questions about de-greasing your locks.

By Wendyl Nissen
Dear Wendyl,
I have really oily hair and, as much as I love your oil treatments, they get stuck in my roots and make it look wet for days afterwards! Do you have any advice on how I can keep the oil at bay naturally?
Hi Michelle,
Ever since I’ve stopped dyeing my hair and let it grey naturally, I’ve been having the same problem – so I feel your pain!
The bad news is no oil rinses for us and when you do condition, just concentrate on the ends. Your scalp doesn’t need any more moisture, so simply shampoo up top and let it do its thing.
Sometimes, if my ends are looking a little shabby, I do go in with the tiniest amount of coconut oil for the tips – but only a little bit!
If the oil build-up is really too much, you could consider sprinkling baking soda through your hair and rinsing it out. It makes your hair feel ropey while it’s still wet, but it dries really nicely and is perfect for soaking up excess oils.
Another tip: Consider conditioning before you shampoo. This one was a game-changer for me and washes out the excess conditioner that would otherwise grease up and weigh down your hair.
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