Things your waxologist wishes you’d stop doing

Got a wax appointment coming up? You may want to take notes...

By Tamsin Marshall
While waxing is no one's idea of a good time, there are things you can do to make your next appointment more bearable.
We talk to wax expert Kirstin Price from Lash Noir about the things waxologists wish you knew.

1) Just Relax

"The main problem we face when doing a Brazilian wax is sometimes not being able to get right in there," she explains.
"You want to get rid of all the hair so you ask the client to do a good stretch, but sometimes they're more reserved than what you'd like so you're faced with more clenching than stretching.
"The main thing that I say is that if you don't pull your butt up I'm going to glue it together. Some people listen to that and some don't."

2) Please be clean

"Having a shower first would be good idea, a lot of people come from the gym, like straight after a workout..."

3) Sometimes you need to give it a trim

"If you haven't had a wax for three years and you come in and it's like you could plait it, it poses a few problems," she says.
"We're not supposed to trim, it's part of health and safety. We're allowed to wax but we actually shouldn't trim. So then the experience isn't so great as we pretty much rip the hair out.
"Or we end up having to do a bikini and say you need to go home and trim otherwise it's like a legit hair cut - with hair everywhere."

4) Don’t be too serious

It's awkward and intimate. And sometimes silly things happen.
"I've had at least three times where I'll be waxing the back [which requires clients to hold apart their butt cheeks] and a client has a really beautiful engagement ring and I'll be like, 'oh my god, I really love your ring'. I've only had one person laugh but the others didn't so I don't think they got it...

5) Yes, we can do shapes

"I have been asked - and I don't mind - if I'll do shapes. Like a Christmas tree or a heart as long as there's enough time for it. Some people are quite particular about their landing strips."

6) Stop picking

"Sometimes this can leave unsightly marks - we would prefer our clients not to pick out ingrown hairs right before an appointment."

7) Don’t shave

"We do have clients that tell fibs and say they haven't been shaving but they've got patches where they obviously have. You can't really get rid of that hair with wax - it's too short."