Celebrity long bob hairstyles we love

Four fab ways to wear the ‘it’ cut

Kate Bosworth
The look:
There’s an element of modern Gatsby in Kate Bosworth’s style that makes it perfect for a cocktail event, proving the versatility of this cut. The airy, weightless finish to this style is a sight to behold, although not always easy to recreate – avoid being heavy-handed with your styling products!
How to style:
Spritz roots lightly with a root-lifting spray, then apply a small amount of lightweight smoothing cream to damp hair and blow-dry. For a loose, natural wave, twist big sections around a large curling iron, letting the hair slide out almost immediately, so that the curl doesn’t appear too contrived.
Vanessa Hudgens
Curl power
The look: Texture, curls and colour combine to create an upbeat look that has playful movement. Lighter tones from Vanessa’s ears to tips are created using a freehand “painted on” technique that enhances the movement and flatters a heart-shaped face.
How to style: Definition is important as very curly bobs and lobs can look triangular or mushroom-like. Curly hair that’s been lightened can also be dry, so look for moisturising products. If you have natural wave or curl, apply a defining mousse and roughly dry, scrunching it before applying a touch of styling cream to smooth and separate curls. If you have straight hair, wrap sections around a large curling wand.
Lily Collins
Pin-up glamour
The look:
Proving black-tie polish is possible with this mid-length style, Lily’s look requires not a strand out of place. However, a slightly looser version is totally achievable with a bit of practice wielding a tong.
How to style:
Prep with volumising mousse before blow-drying with a boar-bristle brush for a smooth finish. Once hair is completely dry, smooth hair from roots to ears with a straightening iron. Take a big front section and wrap around a large- barrel curling tong. Slide off barrel and clip up with a two-prong clip to cool and set before releasing. Repeat on the other side, then tong remaining hair at the back of the head before misting with a hairspray with shine and hold.
Margot Robbie
That '70s bob
The look: Margot’s style is a reworking of Michelle Pfeiffer’s sexy blunt bob in Scarface, with a reflective golden blonde, made modern with a side sweep and cool, relaxed texture.
How to style:
To emphasise a blunt cut, have it trimmed every six to eight weeks. Fine hair works well in this style but runs the risk of looking lank, so try a plumping heat-protecting spray before blow-drying. Create a deep part with a paddle brush, then run straightening irons lightly through hair, avoiding a tight clamp. Rub a small amount of pomade through fingers, then lightly tousle locks for an undone finish.
Words: Megan Bedford
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