How to take your hair from day to night this party season

Party season is upon us, which means lots of exciting hairstyles and outfits.

Balancing day-time engagements with night-time parties over the silly season is a tricky beast: there's the wardrobe change, switching of accessories and planning of comfy (or stylish) shoes.
But after coming home from work or a casual lunch, we don't always have a lot of time to invest in dolling up pre-event - particularly puzzling over how to style our hair.
Which is why it's essential to have good hair products that make styling your locks quite effortless while still taking your hair up a notch from your day-time look.
We've outlined four easy ways you can jazz up your hair for all those Christmas parties.

Take your hair from day to night

If you've got a Christmas party straight after work and don't have time to head home and do your hair, this is for you.
Using Lee Stafford products, fashion and lifestyle blogger Laura Bradshaw shows us how to to create a classy up-do - perfect for nights out.
The best part? It only takes ten minutes - which means you've got more time to worry about your make-up (or pre-event snacks, your choice).
THE TOOLS: Lee Stafford mini Original Dry Shampoo, Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray, a comb, a hair tie and a brooch.

Try the 'wet' look

Commonly sported by celebrities on the red carpet, this hairstyle is ideal if you're after a super-chic and stylish 'I've never had a bad hair day in my life' look.
As Lee Stafford explains in the video above, the wet look can be done on straight or curly hair and is very easy - fantastic for the time-poor among us.
The wet look involves brushing the hair around your face towards the back of your head so you've got a sleek, groomed look at the front and party in the back.
This look is perfect if you need to shower before heading to your party (hello, summer sweating!) as it's recommended you start with wet hair.
THE TOOLS: Lee Stafford's Messed Up Putty, Lee Stafford's Hold Tight Hairspray, a comb.

Invest in some sea salt spray

For those needing an instant pick-me-up before a night out, carrying a small bottle of sea salt spray in your bag will benefit you greatly.
Laura Bradshaw explains that Lee Stafford's sea salt spray can be used on wet or dry hair.
When using it on dry hair, spray the sea salt all over and then scrunch the hair to create a nice, textured look - this gives you volume and refreshes your hair.
If you have more time, sea salt spray can also be used before a blow-dry, on wet hair and before an up-do.
THE TOOLS: Lee Stafford's Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray.

Fake voluminous hair

Let's face it, we can't all have thick and luscious hair. But we can all pretend we do.
The 'Double Blow' as Laura calls it is a great night-time option for those who haven't had a chance to wash their hair in a while (guilty).
After applying Lee Stafford's mousse, use your hairdryer to go over your hair until it's dry (you can also repeat this step if your hair is particularly flat).
Your hair will be left full, luscious and smooth.
THE TOOLS: Lee Stafford's Double Blow Volumizing Mousse, a hairdryer.