How to solve these 5 common hair dilemmas

Don't put up with them!

By Tamsin Marshall
Sometimes it's just one of those days… but we have five quick ways to whip those locks into line.
When your hair is slicker than an oil rig, it may mean your sebaceous glands are overactive.
There are two ways to tackle this. First, remove the oily build-up; and second, slow down oil production.
Use a deep-cleansing shampoo to degrease but don't massage the scalp as this can make the problem worse.
Should you notice your hair dye has ended up on your skin, don't panic.
Make-up wipes are a great way to remove dye, especially when it's still wet, as they have cleansing properties that help lift off the colour.
Joice ambassador and owner of Cocoon Hair Design, Felicity Bruce, recommends having your hair coloured by a professional at a salon but adds, "If you can still see staining after leaving the salon, use a gentle colour care shampoo. You don't need to vigorously rub as that can irritate your scalp; gentle massage will be sufficient."
Creating volume is all about getting lift at the roots.
Try a volumising shampoo, applying it only on the scalp then rinsing thoroughly. Apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends, never on the scalp as this will be too heavy and can encourage oiliness.
The following styling method will give hair extra oomph: tip your head upside down when drying to create lift at the roots, then use a volumising product like a mousse instead of an oily serum, which can weigh hair down.
"As you get older, theres a build-up of collagen around the hair follicle that gets thicker and harder; and the hair can't break through it," explains Brendon Aldridge, education manager for Goldwell.
Thankfully, there are products formulated to break down this build-up and help hair to grow through to the surface again.
A good scalp massage can also help to stimulate blood flow.
Everything fades colour: sunlight, frequent shampooing, styling tools… it's hard to avoid!
But there are products that help keep colour fresh between salon visits. Goldwell has coloured mousse in a huge variety of shades.
"Typically, blondes seek to get rid of brassy undertones. Brunette can fade to a golden shade and red can be very tricky to get a good match.
"Talk to your stylist about the best option," says Brendon.