What you need to know about colouring your hair at home

Choosing the right type of hair dye can be tricky, here’s how to find the best one for you.

By Schwarzkopf


If you’re wanting to refresh your look, without committing to anything long term then semi-permanent hair colour treatments are the perfect way to the test the waters.
Semi-permanents are a gentler alternative to permanent colouring, as they don’t use any ammonia and instead use pigments to coat the hair’s outer layer - like a colour mask for your hair.
The pigments also usually only last up to 8 washes, so you can try out an adventurous look just for a week or two.
If you feel like a bit more of a commitment, but are still a little apprehensive about making a long-term change - there are semi-permanents that can last up to 28 washes.
The colour lasts longer as the pigments penetrate past the outer layer of hair into the cortex and bonds with your natural hair pigments.
These are ideal if you’re looking to boost your natural hair colour while also adding shine and vibrancy.
Light reflections from the added hair colour pigments provide more depth and volume to your hair, so they’re perfect for people with thin hair.
It’s also great at covering those pesky greys, as it blends them in with your natural hair colour.


Ready to go permanent?
Permanent hair colours work by permeating the outer layer of hair all the way to the cortex breaking down natural hair pigments to add the permanent colour.
Because of this, they provide the best grey coverage and the only way to get out of this is to re-colour or let your natural hair grow out.

Ready to colour?

LIVE has got you coloured whatever lifestyle you lead.
For those after a more daring change, Live Colour offers Ultra Bright and Pastels for a bold look that last up to 8 washes and uses no ammonia.
If you’re after a more subtle change, Live Salon gloss helps enhance hair colour that last up to 28 washes - while Live Salon Permanent has a range of skin flattering tones that provides maximum colour intensity, radiance and longevity.
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