A pubic hair beauty regime is officially a thing

Yes, really.

By Erin Berryman
We all have it - whether we love it, hate it or just not that bothered either way, it doesn't need to be a taboo topic!
The pressure to maintain an intensive grooming regime 'downstairs' stems from deep-rooted and somewhat arbitrary ideals about what is (or isn't) 'womanly'.
Thankfully, times are progressing and society is rejecting these rigid ways in favour of – well, whatever they want!
Pubic hair is totally normal and after all, everything on our body serves a purpose. Studies have suggested that altering your pubes, whether by waxing or shaving, may increase your risk of getting an STD by 80 per cent.
Additionally, small injuries in the skin caused during hair removal can leave you susceptible to infections.
What you choose to do with your nether regions is totally your prerogative, be it waxing or au naturel but if you're thinking of letting it all go, here's how to care for it.
Fur started as a conversation between sisters, who sought to dispel the stigma associated with body hair and explore a more inclusive definition of beauty.
Modern beauty is about options, believes Laura Schubert, co-founder and CEO of Fur. "Pubes are universal - we all have them, I hope that FUR encourages people to have pride in their bodies and in their choices."
It's been instilled into women for years that body hair is bad. Fur's founders say this is where the problem lies – the current offering of body hair products not only contains harsh ingredients but only focuses on removal, portraying hair as the problem.
Fur offers high quality, 100 per cent natural options formulated for all body hair, particularly sensitive areas like pubic hair. The signature Fur Oil can be used on any amount of hair anywhere on the body.
The natural formulation is gently antiseptic, antimicrobial, and reduces inflammation. When used in conjunction with the Ingrown Concentrate, users can expect silky smooth skin free of irritation and ingrown hair.
Fur also caters to the boys with a Stubble Cream to prevent the irritation that often comes with shaving. Used daily as an aftershave it softens prickly stubble and calms inflamed skin.
If you're not already convinced, here's an anecdote from actress and Ambassador for UN Women, Emma Watson:
"I use Fur Oil anywhere from the ends of my hair to my eyebrows to my pubic hair. It's an amazing all-purpose product," said Emma Watson.