4 hair care myths busted

We’ve rounded up four common hair care myths to separate fact from fiction.

By Schwarzkopf
Do you often worry that washing your hair is stripping the natural oils, or that all those hair products are weighing it down?
There’s a lot of information around how hair products can help and also hinder your hair, and it can be hard to know what’s true and what’s not.
To clear things up, we’ve rounded up four common hair care myths to separate fact from fiction.

1. Shampoo strips your hair

Washing your hair is an essential part of any beauty routine, and is often the first step in a hair care regime.
Unfortunately, some people believe that cleansing your hair can often leave it feeling dry and brittle.
With Schwarzkopf’s Beology Repair and Aqua ranges you can wash away dirt and impurities while moisturising and repairing.
The products have been formulated with three types of Keratins and a blend of nourishing plant and herb essences to restore the hair from inside out – so you can feel safe knowing you’re getting a deep clean, without stripping the hair.

2. All-natural beauty products don’t work properly

While many all-natural beauty products are good for the environment, they often aren’t as effective as scientifically formulated products.
The Schwarzkopf Beology hair care system has been formulated to merge nature and science using deep sea extract and herbal plant essences, and created into two collections: Repair range for damaged hair and Aqua range for normal to dry hair.
The products have been created to penetrate into the deepest hair layer for deep nutrition – meaning they actually work.

3. Serum will make your hair greasy

Many people are reluctant to use serums; for fear that it will leave their hair feeling oily and lank.
By using a lightweight but nourishing serum like Schwarzkopf’s Repair Oil Serum from the Repair Range or Aqua mist from the Aqua range, your hair will stay hydrated, shiny and smooth without being weighed down – and they’re light enough to be used every day.

4. Hair masks are time consuming and unnecessary

Women often put off doing hair masks as they believe they don’t have the time to sit down, apply them and wait for them to work their magic – and that they don’t do really have any noticeable effect on their hair anyway.
Schwarzkopf’s new Repair Mask from the Beology Repair Range is easy to apply, and only needs to be left in for a few minutes before being rinsed out.
By infusing the mask with deep sea extracts, herbal plant essences and three types of keratin – heavily damaged and thicker hair in need of nourishment will be deeply repaired and look healthier and better than ever.
Schwarzkopf Beology hair care range is available in leading department stores, supermarkets, and pharmacies nationwide. RRP $16.99 per item.