4 hairstyles for the party season

Easy step-by-step instructions and tips and tricks for the perfect holiday hair.

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve looming in the not-so-distant future, your social calendar will no doubt be getting booked up with end-of-year shindigs and celebrations.
For those of us whose budgets and schedules don’t allow for a trip to the salon for every event – it’s DIY when it comes to hair and makeup.
Whether you want a chic updo, or tousled waves - we’ve got a hairstyle tutorial for every occasion right through the holiday season.

Loose beachy waves

Rosie Huntington-Whitely is the queen of perfectly done-but-undone hair, and now you can recreate her sexy waves yourself.
  1. Start with second-day, blow dried hair and section it.
  2. Spray each section with to Schwarzkopf Extra Care Body & Texture styling spray and Schwarzkopf Extra Care Body & Texture hairspray, using a hair straightener or curling wand to curl each section.
  3. Gently finger comb each section out, breaking up the curls.
  4. Set with Schwarzkopf Extra Care Body & Texture hairspray.

Boho half-up braid

Make like Khaleesi with this princess-inspired style.
  1. Wash and blow dry hair, using Schwarzkopf Extra Care Volume Mousse.
  2. Apply Schwarzkopf Volume Powder to hair.
  3. Section the top front pieces of your hair and braid them away from your face. Secure them together with a small hair tie.
  4. Flatten the braids out by gently pulling them apart.
  5. Take a section of hair from underneath, bring it into the braid to lengthen the tail and secure another elastic around it.
  6. Take another small section of hair from underneath, and wrap it around the elastic to cover it. Secure it with a bobby pin.
  7. Fishtail braid the remaining ponytail, and secure with an elastic. Flatten the ponytail braid out by gently pulling it apart.
  8. Using a hair straightener or curler, curl the remaining hair.

Halo braid updo

Festive and feminine, this updo is perfect for the party season.
  1. Wash and blow dry hair using Schwarzkopf Extra Care Express Dry blow dry spray to create texture.
  2. Apply Schwarzkopf Volume Powder to hair.
  3. Divide your hair in two sections, with a center part.
  4. Pick up a small section from the right half at the nape of your neck, and begin a crossing-under braid pointing straight out, perpendicular to your center back part.
  5. Wrap your starter braid towards your face and begin to incorporate hair into a Dutch braid that angles up over your ear.
  6. Continue a standard crossing-under braid until you run out of hair, then use a small elastic to secure the braid. Hide the tail of the braid with a bobby pin.
  7. Gently pull on some sections of the braid to make it appear fuller, and pull out some pieces to frame your face.

And one for the guys

Is the man in your life looking to upgrade his ‘do for the party season?
  1. Start with washed hair
  2. Rub a small amount of Taft Full On Grooming Pomade between your fingertips or palms. Apply to wet or dry hair, and finger comb into desired style.
The Schwarzkopf hair care range is available in leading department stores, supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.