10 rules for the perfect blow dry

Follow these tips and tricks for salon-worthy tresses.

There’s nothing like a great blow-dry to make you feel a million bucks.
We quizzed the professionals at Kérastase for the best advice on creating a knock-out style at home that will look like you just stepped out of the salon.
1. Know your flow
For a blowout with great polish, be sure to blow-dry your hair in the direction it grows.
This ensures you lay the cuticle down and boost the health and shine of your hair.
For volume, blow it against the grain.
2. Apply a heat protectant
Too much heat can cause damage, so apply a styling product that gives your hair at least 230°C protection.
If you feel your heat protectant makes your hair fall flat, try (1) Kérastase L’Incroyable Blowdry, $44. It will protect your hair from temperatures up to 230°C, as well as give longevity to your style.
3. What's your type?
If your hair is thin and fine, set the air stream to low. Otherwise, you may end up with tangles in your hair.
Thicker hair will take longer to dry and can accept more power wattage from your hairdryer.
4. Practice makes perfect
No-one was born with a blowdryer in one hand and a round brush in the other. Nailing your look takes time.
*5. Cold shot
After completing your blow-dry, briefly give your mane a jet of cold air.
This cooling closes the cuticles to give more shine and gives your hair more elasticity.
6. No bathroom blow-dry
Humidity causes frizz and can affect the look and feel of your blow-dry.
After your shower, move your blow-drying to another room to ensure the most structural look.
7. Divide and conquer
Start with the most difficult areas and work your way to the easier sections. This will help keep a constant quality level and a uniform blowout.
Clips, such as the (2)Mita Duck Bill Clips, $3.99, are a useful way to section your hair until you’re ready to work with it.
8. Care before you dare
The health of your hair will directly affect the quality of your look.
Make sure you are using shampoos and conditioners that are adapted to your hair.
TRESemmé Botanique Restore & Shine Shampoo, $14.49, is a beautifully fragrant shampoo infused with coconut milk and aloe vera. It contains no dyes or parabens and is silicone-free.
9. Assess your accessories
Like any good craftsperson, there are specific tools for precise results. Know when to use your round brush and when you need a paddle brush.
Ionic, anti-static bristles in these Brushed brushes by Beauty Dust Co. priced from $39.95, help to prevent frizz.
Round brush (4): Use it to create volume and waves, wrapping your hair around it to the roots. The shorter your hair, the smaller the brush size you’ll need.
Paddle brush (5): Ideal to help dry long, thick hair faster.
Bristle oval brush (6): Use for smoothing hair after blow-drying.
10. Be iconic, use ionic
Always use ionic heat tools, which neutralise ions to make drying faster, easier and give extra shine to your hair.
Investing in a modern blowdryer will ensure you have the latest technology in drying.
The Remington Proluxe Salon Dryer, $249.99, releases 90% more ions than a standard dryer and has a cool shot setting.
Bonus tip
Consider introducing a mask, such as the L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Nutrifier Masque, $34, in place of your conditioner once a week to deliver concentrated moisture to dry hair.

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