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Winter skin tips

Now we're in late August, the effects of winter can be fully felt. Dry skin is the biggest culprit of the colder months which can lead to a dull complexion. How do we get around this and start to prepare our skin for spring?
ooisturise! This is the single most important thing to do when faced with the constant cold winds and rain. Choosing a highly protective day cream provides a barrier against the elements while creamier, thicker emulsions are better for the winter months.
Exfoliate at least twice a week. This will remove dead skin cells and allow the skin to absorb extra moisture. The oils we produce in the hotter summer months aren't produced during the cooler winter periods and this contributes to skin losing moisture. Exfoliating stimulates these oils and buffing away dead skin cells will rejuvenate your skin.
Don't forget to moisturise from the insides as well. Drink a glass of hot water with lemon for thing in the morning to energise your body and keep drinking water throughout the day.

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