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WATCH: Helen Mirren's first commercial for L'Oreal Paris

Dame Helen lets her ageless beauty shine in her new ad for the global beauty brand

The charismatic actress has debuted in a new commercial for L'Oreal's Age Perfect line, her first TV spot for the brand since they announced her as their latest ambassador last year.
Wearing a series of chic outfits throughout the 30-second clip - including a camel-coloured trench coat and a rock'n'roll leather jacket - Dame Helen puts her trademark wit to work in a few cheeky scenes for the advertisement. And of course, the brand's famous tagline makes an appearance in the clip, but with a new twist - proving age ain't nothing but a number!
"So are we worth it?" Dame Helen asks with a knowing nod to the camera.
"More than ever!" she finishes off, looking over at a younger man stretching a short distance away.
Check it out below:

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