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Tips for going grey

Getting back to your roots requires patience and know-how.

By Nicky Pellegrino
Luisa Petch says..
Everyone suits being grey. However, you may need to add some warm or cool tones to suit your skin and add depth and shine. If the greys aren’t coming through evenly, help from your hairdresser might be required – they can add highlights, lowlights or toners.
There are many types of grey, from cloudy snow white to salt-and-pepper shades. Olive or dark skin tones suit all types of grey shades. If you have yellow tones in your skin, avoid looking washed out by opting for some type of toning, highlighting or lowlighting.
The best way to let the grey come through gradually is to have highlights and lowlights foiled in. From there, your hairdresser can do fewer foils over time, until grey is eventually your dominant colour.
Another option is to have a semi-permanent colour applied all over, which allows the grey to radiate through and the regrowth won’t be as strong.
By lightening the semi shade each time, you will gradually see more of the grey coming through.
You may need to rethink your style – not only because of the colour change, but also because the texture will be different. Grey tends to suit sleek bobs, soft bobs with layering and short styles. If you want to keep your hair past your shoulders, try wearing it in a chignon.
Rethink your make-up, too. As we age, our skin loses pigment, just like our hair. So opt for brighter or darker lip shades to give your face more colour – and don’t forget to apply blush to your cheeks. Also, pay more attention to your eyebrows, as they are extremely important for shaping the face. Do they need reshaping or tinting?
Another great tip for looking youthful, especially as we age and turn grey, is to have your teeth whitened. Even rethink your wardrobe. Keep black for the lower half of your body and choose plenty of colour for your top half. Or try adding colourful accessories.
Grey hair needs maintenance, so use a toning shampoo regularly. These have ingredients to remove gold and yellow from the hair, which can make it look dull or stained. Invest in a good conditioner to tame the frizzy, wiry texture of grey, and serums are great for adding shine.
Six products to try
Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo and Conditioner $30 each – For greys and blondes.
Clairol System Professional Silver Blonde Shampoo $34 – For bleached and grey/white hair.
Avon Advance Techniques RadiantSilver Shampoo and Conditioner $12.99 EACH– Brightens greys.
L’OrÉal Professionnel SÉrie Expert Silver Shampoo $29.50 – For shine and healthier looking hair.
Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo $18.50 – Reduces brassiness, adds shimmer and gloss.
Redken For Men Silver Charge Shampoo $33 – Neutralises yellow tones.
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