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The worst make-up trends of 2017

While some beauty trends in 2017 were inspired, we can't say the same for every attempt...

It has to be true what they say; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Because we definitely do not find some of the beauty trends that 2017 spewed out all that beautiful.
This year we've seen the online beauty community create some outrageous looks in hair, make-up and everything in between - from squiggle eyebrows to nostril hair extensions. Some of them are so bad, they're actually impressive.
Join us while we take, what we hope, is a last look at the best worst make-up trends of 2017.

1. Nostril hair extensions

Nostrils, as normal as they are, are not a feautre one would usually want to accentuate. But here, an Instagrammer demonstrates how to give your nose hairs some extra length using false eyelashes. We sniff a major beauty fail here. Maybe we should keep the extensions only on the lashes and tresses?

2. Applying foundation with unconventional tools

If you thought there was only one way to apply foundation, you were very wrong. Apparently you can use almost anything you want - from boiled eggs to silicone bra inserts.
Beauty enthusiast Laila experimented with make-up tool hacks on Instagram and showed her followers how she applies her make-up with a condom.

3. Just Do It brows

Beautician: What shape are you going for today?
Me: Just some Nike ticks, please.
We know athleisure wear is all the rage right now, but let's just keep it to the body - as in, below the neck.

4. Crime against hair-manity

Brace yourselves; supposedly 'hair nails' are a thing. If we weren't so impressed by the detail in this nail art we'd probably be appalled! We can only imagine zipping up a dress while wearing these nails would be a hairy situation.

5. Lollipop lips or a pash rash?

Esteemed make-up brand MAC Cosmetics actually gave spotlight to this confusing look, calling it an 'experimental trend' they dubbed "lollipop lips". We think it looks a lot like waking up in the morning after forgetting to take your lippy off the night before.

6. Gun Metal Highlighter

Jeffree Star Cosmetics launched a gunmetal highlighter that looks like something from the year 2040. We're all for a smoky eye, but a smoky cheek? We're not sold.

7. Squiggle eyebrows

Would you jump on this wave and try it out? In a recent beauty craze, beauty bloggers and vloggers have been transforming their usual arches into squiggle brows.
This DIY look is created using glue instead of plucking your eyebrows, so when you wash your make-up off they're back to normal.

8. Ponytail brows

Now we've seen everything! We're not sure why one would bunch brow hair into a mini-scrunchie - is it sports-luxe chic? We don't think so. What we do know, however, is this wild look was created digitally in Photoshop by makeup artist Mary Jane. We hope this one stays in the digital world.