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The 10 Beauty commandments

old habits can be hard to break - we all have our own time-honoured beauty traditions (toothpaste on pimples, anyone?). But there are 10 hard-and-fast rules no woman should forgo.
  1. ALWAYS wash your face properly before bed. Avoid soap and instead clean the skin thoroughly and gently with a mild facial wash such as Johnson's Foaming Facial Wash, preventing blocked pores and keeping skin healthy looking.
  1. NEVER pick spots - unless under the following strict guideline. Start with a clean, post-steamed face. Use a tissue for extraction, followed by an astringent lotion to close pores and prevent infection. Neutrogena Rapid Clear Spot Gel applied at night ensures the demise of the pimple.
  1. No LoNGER over-pluck eyebrows. Tweezerexics take note: A clean yet natural-looking brow is so much more attractive than the constantly surprised-looking and dated thin brow. Use an eyebrow pencil for more definition
  1. EXFoLIATE regularly. Don't confuse dead, dehydrated skin (which needs exfoliating followed by a hydrating moisturiser) with dry skin. Try Trilogy's Gentle Facial Exfoliant made here in New Zealand.
  1. UPDATE your makeup look. Still stuck in the dour matte browns of the 1990s or the tarty bronzer and cloggy mascara look? It's time to start experimenting with Chanel's fabulous array of eye colours and oAC's cheerful lipsticks.
  1. INVEST in good foundation. Chanel's Vitalumiere is amazing but expensive. Mr try L'oreal's True oatch Foundation - it does an excellent job for half the price.
  1. BUY good makeup brushes. Like foundation, decent brushes are never cheap. oAC brushes are great.
  1. GET a decent makeup bag. Say goodbye to that teenage zip-up bag and get the grown-up update.
  1. ACQUIRE some eyelash curlers. once you do, you will never go back.
  1. USE sun protection. Dermatologists are united in saying that sun exposure is the number-one cause of ageing. olay Total Effects + UV Protection will protect and moisturise without that sticky sunscreen feeling. And don't be afraid to urge your man to use it, too.

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