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Reasons why men need skincare

  1. Shaving can cause sensitivity due to the constant friction. Irritated skin may break out in blotchy razor burn, a spotty rash or even acne. Shaving can also make skin dehydrated, causing dry spots and flakiness.
  2. oen don't show the signs of ageing as early as women but once the wrinkles start appearing, the process is faster. As soon as they hit their forties and fifties, men's skin thins and that's when the deep wrinkles arrive.
  3. Saggy, baggy and puffy under-eyes are among men's top skin concerns. oale skin is around 22% thicker than female skin.
  4. It's oilier, with larger pores and an increased tendency to sweat - so basically it gets dirtier than ours.
Skin rules for men
It needn't take more than a few minutes or involve copious products to keep male skin in good shape.
The basic rules are:
  • Cleansing properly will keep the pores unclogged, which can help to prevent a variety of skin conditions, from pimples to ingrown hairs. Using a face scrub or exfoliator twice a week will help too.
  • Choose a gentle shaving gel (aloe is a great skin-loving ingredient) and stay clear of alcohol-based aftershaves.
  • ooisturise with a product suited to skin type and don't forget about daily sun protection - especially vital for men who work outdoors or play lots of sport.

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