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MKR's Sarah Chase reveals her top beauty tips

We chat to the stunning mum-of-three and culinary whiz about her beauty essentials

As one of the contestants on the latest season of My Kitchen Rules NZ, Waikato stunner Sarah Chase always looks enviably glam under pressure.
No matter the challenge, the 25-year-old never has a hair out of place – and with three young children to look after as well as her fiancé Jay, Sarah certainly has a lot on her plate! We had to find out the secrets to her camera-ready beauty routine, so we sat down with the mum-of-three to get all the details:

What are the beauty essentials every busy mum should have in her arsenal?

Step One: Let’s face it! Whether your babe sleeps all night or has you up every hour you are going to feel like you need much more sleep than you are getting and this shows on your face. I love using Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil that has so many proven skin care benefits, which include skin rejuvenation, pigment reduction and improved complexion. I’ve got nothing to lose! But sleep.
Step Two: Conceal, conceal, conceal. Concealer is your new best friend when you become a mum. Currently, I’m battling more of the ‘red eyes’ rather than ‘dark under eye circles’. I use a small amount of Eco Minerals concealer to correct this as it has a lovely creamy texture. Not only does it take care of the discolouration but it provides great coverage too.
Step Three: New Zealand-made Oasis Beauty BB Cream - I cannot recommend this enough! Not only does it provide you with moisturisation but full coverage too. It's easy to apply and looks divine, so it's perfect for busy mum life! This has been recently added to my regime, I am seriously kicking myself I didn’t try this earlier.
Step Four: I am all about ‘brows’, so a great eyebrow kit is a must! I use the 208 angled brush and Mystery Satin Eye Shadow from MAC. Both of these are multi-purpose and can be used for perfecting your eye shadow too.
Step Five: The icing on the cake is Eco Minerals Foundation by Eco Boutique, which is 100% natural and contains pure minerals from the earth. Perfect for busy mums, you can wear this over your sunscreen or over your BB cream to create awesome contour action and all over coverage. Blends well and looks amazing!
Step Six: Lashes!! Eyelash extensions are awesome time-savers and leave you waking up gorgeous. I can’t go without beautiful lashes!
Lastly, I just pop on a bit of lip balm or gloss on my way out! Obviously I have a list of beauty essentials but if I had to pick my ultimates, this is it.
L-R: Oasis Beauty BB Cream, $49.90, Eco Minerals Foundation, $39, Eco Minerals Concealer, $35, MAC #208 Angled Brush, $51, Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, $39.

Are there any tried-and-true makeup tips you rely on when you need to get glam in a hurry?

There are so many tips that I rely on daily, like drinking plenty of water and getting eight hours of sleep a night (not achievable with our demanding baby but going to bed early helps!).
When I am in a hurry to get glam, I always ensure I make time for contouring and brows.
For contouring, darker colours emphasize recession while lighter colours give the illusion of protrusion. You can bring out your best features with a minimal amount of eye shadow colours.
Eyebrows are a key facial feature because they help to shape and frame your face. When filling in your brows, avoid using black even if you have black hair, it will look too harsh.
Sarah and her fiance Jay are high school sweethearts! Photo: Supplied

Has being on MKR changed your beauty routine in any way?

Being on the show, I made sure I put in extra effort in doing my face because I knew we would be under harsh lights for up to 12 hours a day.
So I ensured I kept up with C-T-M (cleanse, tone and moisturise - every night) and good overall coverage as we barely had time for touch ups! It’s a cooking show, not a beauty pageant, right?

What do the kids think of their parents being on MKR?

Our children Aiyana (7), Aizaya (4) and Arkiya (1) are so proud that we are on the show.
They laugh with us when we watch MKR on TV, and enjoy cooking with us ten times more now. We’ve showed them how to step out of their comfort zones while encouraging them to do anything they want in life!
My Kitchen Rules New Zealand airs Monday and Tuesday nights, 7.30pm on TV2.
Sarah and Jay in action on MKR. Photo: Supplied

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