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Miranda Kerr’s skin secret

By Morgan Johnston
The Australian beauty hails rosehip oil as the secret behind her glowing complexion.
It might not be a breakthrough beauty elixir, but rosehip oil hit the headlines this week when Miranda Kerr extolled the virtues of the nutrient-rich oil.
The stunning Australian model, a natural beauty devotee, revealed that she relies on the oil to give her skin a natural glow.
“Now being a mother I don’t have as much time to spend on my skin and I like to wear rosehip oil at night,” she said.
“It’s full of that many antioxidants and it really works on a cellular level too to rejuvenate the skin.
“I put that on at night and I wake up glowing,” she added.
So, what’s the science behind the much-discussed wonder oil?
For those not in the know, the much-coveted product is extracted from seeds of a rosebush, which grows wild in the southern Andes in Chile.
As well as being an ultra-effective moisturiser, it’s also proved to help minimise the appearance of wrinkles and smooth skin leaving it glowing and radiant.
It’s also an excellent source of essential fatty acids, which promote the production of the prostaglandins involved in tissue healing and re-growth.
The fatty acids help to promote cellular development and collagen synthesis, which is vital for keeping skin brilliantly smooth and supple.
“I use it under my moisturiser for an evening and as a makeup remover around my eyes. I also use it more frequently if my skin is particularly dry at any time,” added Miranda

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